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Metal card belongs to high-grade card, which is a kind of senior membership card

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Metal card belongs to high-grade card, which is a kind of senior membership card. Metal card can be divided into metal card, metal silver card, metal membership card, metal VIP card, metal Buddha card, etc. Can metal cards be packed with chips? This is what many customers ask, let's take a look together.

Metal card belongs to high-grade card, which is a kind of senior membership card

Can metal cards be packaged with chips?

Metal cards can actually package chips and contact chips. Metal cards are also called gold cards and silver cards. Traditionally, the card is made of a series of metal materials such as design, drawing, line cutting and forming, stamping, etching, printing, polishing, plating, color filling, drip glue and packaging. Various quality products are guaranteed. Metal cards are refined through flowing operation procedures such as polishing, etching, plating, color filling, glue dripping and packaging.

The basic parameters of making metal cards.

Commonly used size: 85mm×54mm, 80mm×50mm, 76mm×44mm, other shapes and sizes of shaped cards can also be made according to customer requirements.

Commonly used thickness is 0.35mm, also can do 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.80mm 0.1cm and other thickness.

Color: including screen printing three colors (or multi-color), also can make full color metal card.

Lace: can be selected from the company lace library, or can be designed at will.

Base pattern: can only be selected from the company base pattern library (or according to the sample card) or designed and produced by the customer.

Coding:It can be divided into printing code (also called flat code), corroded convex code, corroded concave code and concave-convex code.

Metal card is a high-end smart card, can also be packaged chip, wide application areas, but the cost of metal cards is relatively high, so metal cards are particularly suitable for making a variety of commemorative cards, such as: weddings, school celebrations, openings, conferences, retirement and other special commemorative cards.

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