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How ID wristband manufacturing is so precise?

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When you choose to invest in prototype printed circuit boards, also known as ID wristbands, you may be wondering how accurate the ID wristband manufacturing process is. The ID wristband manufacturing process has changed dramatically over the years, thanks to innovations in new technologies that have allowed circuit board manufacturers to be accurate and skilled.

How is ID wristband manufacturing so precise?

The methods used to create prototype ID wristbands with such precision are as follows.

Front-end engineering checks

Before building an ID wristband prototype, there are countless aspects that can be used to plan the final result. First, the ID wristband manufacturer will carefully study the board design (Gerber file) and begin preparing the board, which lists step-by-step manufacturing instructions. After review, the engineer will convert these plans into a data format that will help design the ID wristband. The engineer will also check the format for any problems or cleanup.

This data is used to create the final board with a unique tool number for it. This number tracks the printed circuit board during the build process. Even the smallest changes made to the board revision will generate a new tool number, which helps ensure that there is no confusion during ID wristband manufacturing and multi-order manufacturing.


After the correct files have been checked and the most suitable panel array has been selected, photo printing begins. This is the start of the production process. An optical plotter uses a laser to draw patterns, screens and other key images on the ID wristband.

Lamination and Drilling

One of the three main types of printed circuit boards, multi-layer ID wristbands, requires lamination to fuse the multiple layers together. This operation is typically accomplished using heat and pressure.

After laminating the product, a professional drilling system is programmed to drill precise, accurate holes in the board. The drilling program ensures that the ID wristband manufacturing process is free of human error.

Copper Deposition and Plating

The conductive copper layer deposited by electrolysis is critical to the functionality of all prototype printed circuit boards. After electroplating, the ID wristband s formally become a conductive surface to which copper is plated through the plating solution. These copper alignments are a conductive path that connects two points inside the ID wristband.

After performing quality assurance testing on the prototype printed circuit boards, they are made into cross sections and finally checked for cleanliness.

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