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Metal cards are what we often call metal cards. Metal cards give people the feeling of high-grade and status

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Metal cards are what we often call metal cards. Metal cards give people the feeling of high-grade and status, so the requirements of making metal cards are relatively high. Now we have a lot of common problems in the process of making metal cards. Let's take a look.

Metal cards are what we often call metal cards. Metal cards give people the feeling of high-grade and status

What are our common problems in the process of making metal cards

1. What are the common sizes and thicknesses of metal cards?

Common sizes are: 76 * 44, 80 * 50, 85 * 54; common thicknesses are.

2. What kind of material is the metal gold card made of? Is it all copper or iron plated gold?

Full copper, our factory is made of full copper plating metal card, some factories use iron to make the gold card, the price will be lower.

3. What will happen when the metal card is made with glossy surface?

There will be scratches when producing ordinary glossy surface. If the requirements are particularly high, you can add 2.5 yuan / side to avoid this situation.

4. What will happen if the metal card is made by corrosion convex code?

The production of corroded embossed code will break the code, and the interrupted number can only be added in the later data; if there are special requirements, at most 95% of the number can only be guaranteed, add 0.5 yuan per card.

5. metal card lace can be designed by yourself, how many millimeters of the thinnest line to be, and what will happen beyond the range?

Lace can be designed according to your own requirements, but the thinnest line can only reach 0.5mm, if it is lower than this value, the line will break during the production process; the minimum distance between the lines should also reach this value.

6. How long does the metal card take?

The normal delivery time is one week, depending on the quantity and complexity of the production process.

Nowadays, metal cards are integrated with modern design concepts and show extreme style. Extraordinary creativity, noble and elegant, with the value of collection and gift. Can be used for business gifts advertising gifts, etc. Other product links: drip card shaped card visual card

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