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A good CPU card manufacturer should have the following points

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The rapid development of information technology, many smart cards have also changed, such as the id card is now IC believe that the future will soon be replaced by a lot of card locks, IC cards will be replaced by cpu cards. Now there are many companies making CPU, how to choose the right CPU card manufacturer?

A good CPU card manufacturer should have the following points

How to choose a good CPU card manufacturer

A good CPU card manufacturer should have the following points.

1. factory size: whether it is a real manufacturer with its own production equipment, smart card industry due to the low threshold, resulting in the whole industry is a bit mixed, most manufacturers claim to be able to do, in fact, easy-hand operation, the real strength to have their own factories, imagine if not their own manufacturers, how to ensure quality?

2. The professional knowledge and service attitude of the business staff: A good CPU card company must have a team of highly qualified personnel. When we consult the company's business staff, the company's business can answer customers' questions and needs one by one with professional knowledge and good attitude, which is a good experience for customers and will leave a deep impression. If the road, you can imagine what kind of company this is.

3. Have their own design team, card company, should have their own design team, in the process of designing the card layout, can drink the customer's first contact, and according to the type of card the customer wants to design or adjust, if not even know what kind of manufacturer this is.

4., delivery on time: If a company's delivery is on time, the customer must be very happy. A company that always delays the delivery date gives the customer the impression of poor production capacity. In addition, delayed delivery time also affects customers' usage. Delivery time is one of the ways for a company to grow in the long run.

5、After-sales service: No matter how perfect the product is, no matter how good the product quality is, there will always be problems. Therefore, after-sales service issue is very important. When there is a problem with our products, the manufacturer can respond and solve the problem in the first time. This is a good thing for us and avoids a lot of trouble. If we cooperate is an after-sales manufacturer, it is very painful, not only delay time, but also cause subsequent use, bad after-sales business will lose some customers, which is not a good thing for the business, so I hope that every business can do a good service, can become a responsible business.

6. Industry reputation: a company that does well must have a good reputation. The customer's eyes are bright and cannot store any fraud. Good reputation is the intangible asset of a company.

If a company has the above points, it can't be worse. I hope customers can find the right manufacturer to work with, find a good smart card consultant, but also encourage industry colleagues.

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