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Induction hospital visiting cards improve hospital efficiency

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In the past, hospital cards were magnetic stripe cards or barcode cards, but with the development of technology, many hospitals are now using induction IC cards as hospital medical cards. IC cards can be divided into contact IC and induction IC so what are the reasons for choosing induction IC cards for hospital medical cards?

Induction hospital visiting cards improve hospital efficiency

Induction hospital visiting cards improve hospital efficiency

Induction IC we often say non-contact card IC card (also abbreviated M1 card) is a successful new technology IC combined with card technology, solving the problem of passive and contact-free, is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic equipment.

Hospital medical card selection induction IC card is mainly induction IC card advantages: 1.

1. induction cards do not require a special power supply and are easy to use.

2. Built-in induction card chip and coil, no mechanical contact with the reader, to avoid contact failure.

3. No exposed chip on its surface, waterproof, not easy to produce electrostatic breakdown and bending damage.

4. There is no front or back side when using induction card, just close to the induction card reader to complete data reading and writing.

5. Induction card is more stable than magnetic stripe card, more easily demagnetized, resulting in unusable.

6. With the increase of application scope, the amount and technology of induction card has been developed greatly, and the production cost of induction card is now very low.

In short, induction IC the card has the characteristics of high reliability, easy to use and fast operation. Nowadays, the medical flow in hospitals is very large and we must ensure the efficiency. At present, induction type IC that card is also equipped with landing special card IC card reader, this IC card reader is a plug-and-play drive-free reader, very convenient to use. Therefore, the induction type is most suitable for hospitals and other places with large flow of people IC card as a medical card.

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