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Storage cards commonly used chips, market applications

Storage card is a kind of smart card chip, the main function is to store data, pictures and other kinds of information, the current common storage card chips are: FM24C02 2K Shanghai Microelectronics, FM24C04 4K Shanghai Microelectronics, FM24C08 8K Shanghai Microelectronics and so on.

What are the uses of smart cards?

In terms of function, the uses of smart cards can be grouped into four points.

1. Identification - mathematical calculation of data using an embedded microcomputer system to confirm its uniqueness.

2. Payment tools - the built-in counter replaces data in digital form with currency, bonus points, etc.

3. Encryption/Decryption - With the rapid development of the Internet, the use of e-commerce has also grown significantly. Some manufacturers say that the most important thing for online consumption is the authenticity of the identity, the integrity of the data, the non-repudiation of the transaction and the legality.

4. Information - Due to the popularity of GSM mobile phones, the demand for SIM cards has increased significantly, accelerating the development of smart card technology and extending the mobile phone from a simple telephone function to todays network connectivity. Its information storage function.

The development of smart cards has been rapid and so far smart cards have been developed to all walks of life, through different types of smart cards mainly used in: campus smart card, district smart card, office building smart card, enterprise smart card, hotel smart card, smart building, smart card, etc.

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