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Cryptographic card technical information details

Password card using modern printing technology and computer information technology combined with a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure the security of the data, enhance the anti-counterfeiting function, progress in the level of printing technology of confidential data, greatly increasing the difficulty of illegal forgery, widely used in sports lottery, telecommunications recharge cards , network recharge cards, IP phone cards, game cards, instant prize cards, etc.

    Strict quality assurance.

  In the process of using lottery tickets, they can be easily counterfeited and imitated, and they can be altered to claim the prize, and the lottery tickets used are counterfeited in order to sell counterfeit brand-name products. Some manufacturers products are cheap, but the counterfeit function is single or even non-existent, the printing is clumsy, the process is simple, and there is a lot of room for alteration and imitation, which will cause great losses to the users of the lottery tickets.

  Quality is the life of an enterprise, which is reflected both in the establishment of a strict quality assurance system and in the work of each and every employee.

   1, the use of foreign imports of raw materials, in the testing room set up a special person to carry out a strict incoming factory maintenance.

   2、In the computer prize card design system, the computer program ensures 100% accurate prize level structure, perfect data checking and verification governance to ensure 100% accuracy of production data.

   3、Independent internal quality control system with strict quality overhaul and random light, chemical, temperature and mechanical testing for each process in production and to ensure timely quality feedback.

    Tight security measures.

   Award cards are valuable securities and security is the primary topic of award cards. We have established a high standard of security systems that are applied to all aspects of the prize card printing process through to product shipment to prevent any form of cheating, alteration or snooping.

   In the prize card production area, the camera monitoring system is added, the main entrance, the production area, etc., no blind spot all-weather video, camera control department by the special management, found suspicious situation timely report, to the main entrance side also all-weather supervision, no outsiders enter, so basically in the prize card production area by the camera all cover, to achieve a high security effect.

   Production of semi-finished products, waste products have a strict check and registration procedures, waste products before leaving the factory under the supervision of the specification of the complete destruction.

     Strict confidentiality rules.

   In the production process, a series of confidentiality tracks are developed, the scope of which includes.

   1, the product printing program;

   2、Product production process;

   3, product printing requirements; submit

   4, product release destination;

   5、Production equipment technology, information;

  6、Special materials and formulas required for production;

  7, the governance system, etc.

   Under the standardized modern quality management system, high level security system and strict security track, the central production of smart card company will give customers determination and assurance with professional reputation and talents, unrest and abundant energy, fast and thorough service. "Delivery is not the end of a business, but the beginning of service to customers" is the basis of our cooperation, common wish!

   Raffle promotion first originated from some western developed countries, in the late 90s, some domestic enterprises with advanced consciousness also began to be used in product promotion flow, and achieved a fairly good effect. Today, many marketing staff commonly used promotional methods but just a few, such as buy one get one free, discount sales, etc., in the sales of more or less some effect. The most important thing is that you have a sense of gambling. In the package with scratch card promotions, catering to the publics psychology, so that consumers in the ordinary consumption of added gambling and fun, many companies from the scratch card promotions have tasted the sweetness, an unstoppable. They thought that if there were no scratch cards, perhaps their sales would be reduced by around 30%.

   The company has many years of scratch card professional manufacturing experience, experience, rigorous governance, sophisticated equipment, products throughout the north and south, many large enterprises are our long-term customers, trusted by customers.

   The application of scratch cards is very wide, such as lottery tickets and lottery tickets is very representative.

Scope of application

Retail and wholesale industry, food and beverage industry, daily chemical industry, catering and entertainment industry, jewellery industry, home appliance industry, clothing, shoes and hats industry

The post and telecommunications industry, the financial industry, the feed industry, agricultural products and other industries.

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