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The main difference between screen printing and other printing methods

Smart card industry, there are a total of three printing methods, common printing methods for offset, screen printing, or screen printing plus offset printing, portrait card production is generally used digital printing, because the name and photo on the portrait card are not the same, so can only take digital printing.

Basic introduction to printing.

         Screen printing is the abbreviation of "screen printing". Screen printing is the production of silk, synthetic or metal screens on a frame, using hand engraved lacquer film or photochemical plate making methods to produce screen printing plates. Modern screen printing technology, on the other hand, uses light-sensitive materials to produce screen printing plates by photographic plate making (so that the screen holes in the graphic part of the plate are through-holes, while the non-graphic part of the screen holes are blocked).


The main differences between screen printing and other printing methods: Submit

                                  (Silk-screened gold cards)

1. High print adaptability

2. Thick ink layer, strong three-dimensional sense, rich texture

3. Strong light resistance, vivid colours

4. Large printing area

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