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The application classification of bank ic card

One: commercial co-branded membership card: use the bank ic card to cooperate with commercial enterprises to achieve the following membership management functions.

1、Membership management

2、Merchant management

3、Points management

4、Top-up management

5、Consumption management

6、Report Enquiry

7、Online payment

8、Website docking

9、Staff parking management

10、Employee canteen management

Commercial enterprise cooperation type suggestion: automobile 4S shop, chain car wash institution, large shopping mall, golf club, chain beauty institution, large fitness club, hotel, etc.

Two: municipal services, the use of bank ic cards to achieve municipal services.

1、Transportation card (bus, underground, taxi, public bicycle)

2, tourism card, cultural venues card, large libraries

3、Water and electricity, gas, telecommunications payment

4、Transient population management

5、Financial social security card

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