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Letter Membership Card Promotes Industry Marketing

Membership card in many years ago has formed a retail industry marketing model, with the rapid development of society, consumption of life taste and requirements are increasingly high, how to make consumers become their permanent customers? Or for companies to attract more consumers?

With the popularity of smartphones, Tencents WeChat users have now exceeded 300 million. Through WeChat membership cards, each WeChat user is a node for brand communication, and WeChat membership cards currently exist in two forms.

1: Through the connection to the CRM system of the merchant, the seamless connection between the physical card and the virtual membership card of WeChat is completed: one, points, stored value and queries are solved by one card; two, membership management, transaction management, accurate marketing and data analysis are all available in one network; three, customer service booking, troubleshooting and rich media marketing are all available.

2: card entity production, for large businesses, CRM system to achieve micro-life marketing needs to slowly transform the process, for small businesses, CRM system is not very useful, because of the visibility of small, and financial deficiencies, so the WeChat membership card entity production has become a new marketing model for the retail industry, it is more rapid to drive the development of the retail industry

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