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Points card production process

Point card is a kind of consumer service card, generally using PET or PVC material production, its function is similar to the membership card, commonly used with shopping malls, supermarkets, entertainment, catering, services and other industries, the standard card is 85.5 * 54 * 0.76 (mm), the card can be printed on the surface of the product pattern, company LOGO and instructions.

   Point card production process

   The common processes of loyalty cards are: card number, magnetic stripe, barcode, hot stamping, anti-counterfeit logo, some can be directly implanted in the card chip and other processes, the card number of loyalty cards is essential, can be convex code or flat code, magnetic stripe and barcode according to customer needs.

   Point card is a kind of marketing mode in the retail industry, through the form of points, in exchange for some items or enjoy a certain discount. With the rapid development of society, business competition is becoming more and more fierce, more and more merchants choose loyalty card service as a business model, so as to recruit new customers and recycle old customers, used to create a huge economic effect!

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