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VIP card how to make more dignified

Often customers ask this, how to make my hotel VIP card looks more dignified, more classy, the first is certainly the designer aspect of the design, followed by the choice of process.

    VIP card common production process

    VIP card is generally used in hotels, KTV, hotels and other occasions of a kind of consumer card, mainly for some of the higher-end customer design, so the cards nobility and atmosphere a little to show.

1, can choose ordinary PVC or PET material production, the card needs to add some screen printing gold bottom or silver bottom.

2, can choose metal materials to make cards, can be designed into gold or silver cards

3, can be played on the card with a large convex code or small convex code (gold or silver stamping), the card is more hierarchical

4、Cards can be made into frosted cards, with a good feel and visual effect

5, can be made into a visual card, so that customers intuitive consumption at the same time or for the enterprise to do publicity, visual card can be more stimulating customer interest in holding the card

6、The card can be implanted in the chip, convenient management, high security, chip card makes the user more identity

7、Make the card into an irregular shape or drip card to attract customers eyes.

8、The card can be attached with magnetic stripe and signature strip.

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