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Chip card production knowledge read in one article!

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⒈ chip card introduction:

Chip card production knowledge a text to read!

Chip card, also known as PVC card, refers to the card with a chip as the medium of exchange. Chip card not only supports loans, electronic cash, electronic wallet, offline payment, fast payment and other financial applications, but also can be applied to finance, transportation, communications, commerce, education, medical care, social security, tourism and entertainment industries, to truly realize the card multifunctional, to provide customers with richer value-added services.

Peal chip card features:

①Security. Chip card supports contactless offline transactions through advanced chip encryption technology, which can effectively reduce financial fraud events such as bank card duplication and make your card more secure and reliable.

②Multi-application. In addition to realizing all the financial functions of bank cards, chip cards can also support applications in multiple industries such as merchant membership, e-ticketing, and e-gift certificates. The applications of different industries exist independently and do not interfere with each other, and the application types and numbers of industries can be added or subtracted at any time according to the needs, truly realizing one card with multiple functions.

Commonly used products of chip card:

Philip: Mifare 1S50/Mifare 1S70


Hua Hong:SHC1104

Shanghai Fudan:FM11RF08


TemPVC:e5551 inductive PVC card

EM Swiss Microelectronics: EM4100/4102

Singing the common processes used to make chip cards

①Chip cards can be designed according to the layout of the material provided by the customer or supplied by the customer.

Chip cards can be made in thicknesses from 0.30mm to 0.76mm, or other thicknesses.

③After making the chip card, the standard size is 85.5mm X 54mm with rounded corners. It can also be made into other sizes.

④Chip card can be printed by screen printing or offset printing on one side or both sides (CMYK four-color printing) printing method.

⑤ Different numbers can be sprayed on each chip card, PIN code or text.

⑥Chip cards can be added with signature strips or writing boards (the area where you can write manually).

⑦Chip card can add low density or high density chip (three track chip) according to customer requirements.

⑧Chip card can be embossed and the embossed code can be stamped with gold or silver.

⑨ ⑩ ? round hole or strip hole can be punched on the chip card.

⑩The code can be sprayed on the chip card, scratching the strip on the track (commonly used for rechargeable cards)\ telephone cards \ lottery cards, etc.).

The chip card can be punched with various bar codes.

Chip card numbers can be arranged in order, or personalized and irregular numbers can be played.

Chip card can be made into any irregular shape such as square or round.

The background color of the chip card can be made into imitation gold or imitation silver.

The barcode card can be stamped with gold and silver.

The surface of the chip card can be made into frosted or glossy, sub-surface effect when it is made.

 The chip card can be white PVC material, frosted effect or completely transparent transparent material.

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