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repaid cards are divided into registered cards and non-registered cards

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A stored value card is a prepaid wallet debit card in which the issuing bank transfers funds to the card for deposit at the request of the cardholder, and the transaction is charged directly to the card. Stored value cards, also known as prepaid cards, consumer cards, smart cards, loyalty cards, etc., are, as the name implies, cards that are paid for before they are consumed. Prepaid cards are divided into registered cards and non-registered cards. Registered cards can be lost, while non-registered cards cannot be lost.

repaid cards are divided into registered cards and non-registered cards

Stored value card for members

The advantages of stored value card

1. flexible use, the cardholder can transfer the benefit card to others and use it at designated merchants regardless of who the cardholder is.

2. Fixed amount, each stored value card contains a fixed amount, which is convenient for companies to issue different amounts of benefits to different employees. Welfare card holders can purchase the required items from the corresponding merchants.

Third, the stored value card gift self-selection mode, with the characteristics of portable, convenient to give, independent choice, fashionable personality, private customization, etc.

Stored-value card classification.

At present, there are many kinds of prepaid cards, and according to the different issuing institutions, there are mainly the following kinds.

1. telecommunication industry, such as mobile and Unicom, where your cell phone card is a prepaid card.

Banks: such as UnionPay and Bank of Communications, which issue Pacific Expo contactless chip prepaid cards.

3. merchants: shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, entertainment, beauty, hairdressing and other industries; for example, Century Lianhua supermarkets sell their own Century Lianhua cards.

4. Third-party card issuers: sign agreements with many merchants and accept the distribution of POS terminals to issue cross-industry consumer prepaid cards, which can be swiped and consumed at many allied merchants; for example, Tongze Card can be held directly at many merchants and can also pay online and pay for life.

The stored value card has a fixed face value, and the amount is generally not renewable and discarded after use. It has the characteristics of bearer, no loss and no interest, which violates the interests of cardholders and has been discontinued by the People's Bank of China. It is usually used for public services, such as public tickets and phone cards, and consumers need to purchase a certain number of memory cards, so consumers pay before consumption, unlike credit cards. Other knowledge links: features of T5577 proximity card and its application scope

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