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The security protection management of key fob card

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After finding the card company, making the keychain card and VIP card, handing them over to the customers, and then recording the customers information in the keychain card system, the keychain card system has powerful functions, it integrates the functions of stored value, membership, points and discounts, etc., and it is very convenient to use any combination of the functions. Because of the powerful function of the keychain card, so, when using the keychain card should pay more attention to eliminate the keychain card security risks. If you only consider the benefits when using the key fob card, without taking into account the security, it will cause huge losses to the enterprise, and even bring disaster.

  1、Clear positioning

  When implementing a key fob card, the first thing to do is to define the function of the key fob card. Cardcube keychain card system can do stored value, points, membership, discounts and other functions. Before implementing the keychain card project, you should determine which functions are enabled according to the actual needs of the enterprise. Because, if too many functions are used, it increases the complexity and difficulty of key fob card management in the future, which will inevitably produce some security risks. Through the survey of more than 10 users of Haiding, it is found that the functions used by most users are very simple, and the common ones are: stored value function only; stored value + discount function; stored value + membership function. It is suggested that when defining the functions, it is better to define the keychain card as a one-time card, which means that the customer will take back the keychain card after using the card. The reason is that in this case, the keychain card is actually equivalent to some kind of currency, not to recharge the card, reduce the link of operation and reduce the possibility of various problems.

  2, to have a set of strict and standardized system and process assurance

  After all, technology is limited, and then perfect technology, there is always a way to crack, only the combination of technology, system and process will keep the foolish counterfeiters out of the door. In the design of the process to run through the system, and pay attention to the following points:

  (1) The headquarters makes and issues the cards, and the stores are only responsible for the sale of the cards. The reason why it is recommended to do so is that the number of stores is large and difficult to control, and once the stores are given the authority to make and issue cards or recharge them, it will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble.

  (2) There should be a complete set of handover procedures from the blank cards to the cards made and issued to the stores. It is generally required that after the card issuance is finished, the card is checked for correctness and passed to the next person with the details printed out from the system and signed by both parties. The same is true from the headquarters to the stores.

  (3) Headquarters and stores should ensure frequent reconciliation. In the headquarters, the stores card consumption should be consistent with the money received by the store with the keychain card charging method, or else to check. Ensuring that headquarters and store data are consistent is an important aspect of ensuring that key fob cards are not lost. Thankfully, more than half of the companies in the survey are able to ensure that headquarters and stores are reconciled daily.

  (4) To have a set of keychain card sales and inventory reports. Through the keychain card sales and inventory reports, in this set of reports show the cumulative card issuance, consumption, card costs and other information, because the report shows all the records in the history, so that even people who know a lot about keychain cards, there is no way to start. This set of reports has very strict data requirements and can only be done by those companies whose data sending and receiving are very standardized. However, if this set of reports is available, then it can be said that no one can play any tricks on key fob cards.

Keychain card security protection management

  4、Ensure the security of the database

  Because the key fob card information in addition to the card, there is also a complete set of information in the database, if the database collapse, although it will not affect the consumption of key fob card, but also will cause a lot of confusion, inevitably someone cheating. The solution is that it is better to set an automatic task to backup several tables related to key fob cards every day.

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