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Visible card - the most powerful membership management system, the retail industrys new marketing "strategy"

The Visible Card not only integrates smart card applications, but also has a smart card management system that features an electronic paper display and an optional contact chip for displaying information such as credit values without using battery power. Information can be read directly by induction or by inserting a card.

   Membership card management it can improve the customers return rate and increase customer loyalty to the company. Many service industries have adopted such a service model, and most forms of membership are expressed as membership cards. At the same time, issuing membership cards can also play a role in attracting new customers, retaining old customers, and enhancing customer loyalty, as well as achieving discounts, points, customer management and other functions, which is a real and feasible way to increase efficiency. The emergence of the visual card not only realizes the intelligent management of membership cards, but also improves the intelligent reading function of membership cards.

Comparison between ordinary membership card and visual membership card.

   Visible card ----- card surface information can be updated at any time Text pattern information on the card surface can be dynamically updated and repeatedly rewritten more than 500 times

   The information on the card surface of the ordinary card ----- is printed once and cannot be updated dynamically according to the members consumption.

   The visual card ----- is suitable for the middle and high-end customer groups, the card face is printed with the members personal exclusive information, with collection value

   Ordinary card ----- ordinary no differentiation, cant highlight the exclusive identity of members, easy to discard the added value of the card face

   Visual card ----- can update the content of the advertising area on the card face at any time according to the business needs, attracting members attention and continuous consumption

   Ordinary card ----- card does not have advertising function, can not generate added value members attention to the card

Advantages of the existence of visual cards.

1、Customers can check consumption records at any time to achieve consumption transparency.

2、The company can get better publicity

3、It can attract new customers and keep old customers.

4、Showing the distinguished status.

    The emergence of the visual card breaks the traditional membership card marketing method, not only brings more customers to the company, but also can play a role in enhancing the advertising effect and stimulating the interest of customers to hold the card.

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