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CardCube smart card production magnetic stripe card technical specifications

Magnetic stripe card is a magnetic recording medium card. It is made of high-strength, high-temperature resistant plastic or paper coated plastic, which is moisture-proof, wear-resistant and has a certain degree of flexibility, easy to carry, more stable and reliable in use. Magnetic stripe card can be divided into high hyper magnetic and bottom hyper magnetic, ordinary magnetic (300OE) and high magnetic resistance (2750OE), the width of the magnetic stripe is 12.5MM thickness is 10-12UM in the use of common lamination and peeling two, in the domestic lamination mostly. That is, the magnetic stripe and PVC card base combined together through high temperature and high pressure. Here we will understand the technical specifications of the magnetic stripe card in the production.

1、The magnetic card conforms to ISO7810 standard and is produced in strict accordance with ISO9001 standard and the inspection standard of financial cards and UnionPay cards.

2, magnetic stripe material: magnetic card magnetic strength (300-2750 0E), card temperature resistance range: -10 ℃ -45 ℃,.

3), card material: imported PVC material .

4), the card specification size should be in line with the national standard standard size (85.5mm54mm).

5, humidity conditions card size stability: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃, should be in line with the provisions of the ISO7810 standard.

6、 Chemical resistance: does not present any harmful effects.

7、 Dynamic bending stress: after 1000 times bending, the card keeps its function intact, and there should not be any rupture.

8、 Ultraviolet light: according to the specified irradiance and exposure time, the card has a testable function.

9, adhesion and block: In the specified time and environment, five sample cards stacked together, should not present harmful effects, and easy to separate by hand.

10、Static magnetic field: exposed to the static magnetic field specified in the standard, the card should have the testable function.

11, magnetic card use orders ≥ 20000 times.

12, the fit shall be tight: can not produce rounded corners opening and transparent surface peeling.

13, the card edge insulation hair edge (tooth saw-like hair edge) raised height shall not exceed the plane 0.08mm, does not affect the card surface contact reader.

14、Curvature of the card

    The finished card must be straight, its curvature and vertical gap must be below 1.27mm.

    The curvature and vertical gap of the card must be below 2.03mm, and the laminated layer must not be peeled off or fall off after the letter is raised.

15、Printing on the front and back according to the customers specified pattern and text.

16、The content of the card number is defined according to the customers requirements.

17、The magnetic stripe can be written on track 2 according to the customers requirements.

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