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card reader and other IC card reader?

First, HXDIC with number IC card reader introduction

What is the difference between HXDIC serial number IC card reader and other IC card readers?

HXDIC-U card reader is a kind of IC card reader custom developed by Card Cube at the request of many software development and sales companies. Because it is a driver-free IC card reader, it eliminates the complex process of development and subsequent installation and use, and all management systems can be used. Especially for the current network version of the management system, through the web page (WEB) to directly operate the ic card reader can be said to be the web version of the management system customized ic card reader, HXDIC-U can also web version of the ic card reader, member ic card reader, USB port direct output ic card reader.

Serial number ic card reader

The IC card reader is USB interface, data length and content can be fully customized. Make up for the general IC card reader development process is complex, plug-and-play ic card reader can not customize the data, resulting in poor management.

Second, HXDIC with number IC card reader and traditional ic card reader what is the difference?

Traditional ic card reader: traditional ic use card reader, must use card reader ic card reader development interface integrated into the software, through the development interface of the reader to command the work of the reader, complete the reader state, whether there is a card, effect password, read the card, write the card and a series of actions.

Even number IC card reader

The ic card reader is completely commanded by the program, the development process is complicated, especially no intelligent ic for card reading and writing development of technical personnel, understanding the process is not easy. Once the software is finalized, the software must be integrated ic card reader consistent in the use and development integration, any other models of readers can not be used properly.

Because the domestic ic card read-write manufacturer many, the same manufacturers equipment model constantly upgrades the update, uses before the equipment is bad or needs to increase often cannot find the matching model.

HXDIC with number IC card reader is free of drive IC card reader is also plug-and-play IC card reader eliminates the development trouble and the use of complex process, can read and write IC card number data directly in advance.

Third, HXDIC even number IC card reader and ordinary read inside code ic card reader what is the difference?

There are companies in the market before also launched the main working principle of the drive-free ic card reader is to read the internal code number of the ic card, and then directly output to the position of the cursor. In this case, there is an obvious problem, ic because the cards internal code can not be defined by itself, the output number has no rules to follow, bringing great trouble to the subsequent card issuance process.

HXDIC with number IC card reader can write and then output by itself, the number length and rules of the ic card can be controlled by itself.

At present, Shenzhen CardCube Smart Card Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional smart card manufacturer in China, and now we customize and develop HXDIC-U inductive ic card reader at the request of customers. Its plug-and-play, development-free and driver-free features have been welcomed by many customers. The company also produces contact products IC cards, inductive IC cards, visual cards, CPU cards, ID cards, NFC various smart cards with a daily output of more than 400,000, such as business cards, smart card readers and so on. Welcome new and old customers to order!

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