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The seven steps of ic card production!

IC from the starting design to the final delivery to the customer, card production should take the following seven steps.

The seven steps of ic card production!

⒈ system design

According to customer needs and security perspective design card chip, and then according to different levels of process and cost design smart card MPU, storage capacity and COS on different logical encryption card logic function and storage area distribution of the complete requirements.

①Intra-card IC design

The design process is similar to ASIC design including: logic simulation, logic design, circuit simulation, circuit design, etc., which can be completed by relevant computer-aided design software.

②Software design (only for smart cards)

Software design includes application software COS depending on the situation, different development tools can be selected. Due to the privacy-related, the national important departments use IC card chip is generally written in the Chinese design COS.

Piece of chip manufacturing

①Circuit made of single crystal silicon wafer

The chip manufacturer first completes the design map or COS to collect the code, and then produces a multi-layer mask template as needed for the design and process flow. A small circle can be attached to hundreds or even thousands of circuits that do not interfere with each other, each circuit is a small chip. The small chips include the card-embossed solder blocks and probe embossers used in standard design IC inspection.

②Input probing and information

Each chip on the test circle requires the use of a computer probe with a test program. First, mark incomplete chips, and then write down the manufacturers representative information, shipping code, etc. on the available chips. The purpose of the shipping code is to beware of IC card theft accidents during the transportation from the manufacturer to the issuer, a code known only to the manufacturer and the issuer. When the code is wrong, the card will lock itself.

The round piece is ground and cut

The thickness of the discs is required and the cards are cut after grinding to form many small chips.

Singing micro-modules

The manufacturing chip is added to a printed circuit board with 8 contacts.

Be careful with IC card manufacturing

The micro module is inlaid with the micro module and the card surface is printed.

Select card initialization

Verify the shipping code. If the card is a logically encrypted card, the manufacturer will usually enter the shipping code and have it verified by the issuer. Once correct, you can change the user code. You can then enter the code, key, and create the file. When you are done, burn the fuse. This is so that the card can never return to a working state and maintains the cards security.

Borrowed Issue Processing

At this point, you can personalize the IC card and add different information for different needs. Through this setting of the card, IC card piece production is also completed. IC card has unique identification and can be delivered to the user.

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