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Amusement park drip card charging system solutions

With the continuous progress of social civilization and the continuous improvement of peoples economic living standard, peoples willingness to participate in tourism and entertainment is getting stronger and stronger. Operators are constantly developing new tourism projects and leisure themes to meet peoples growing demand for leisure and entertainment. As a result, a large number of excellent parks have emerged in China to meet different needs. These include theme parks, ecological parks, playgrounds, agrotourism, etc.

Children are also the main consumers of these leisure and recreation programs. Parents will take their children on a trip during the holidays, and the parks have adult programs and some childrens programs. General amusement park projects are more, Ferris wheel, pirate ship, bumper cars, etc. At present, most amusement park charging mode is relatively primitive, basically the manual ticketing mode

Amusement park drip card charging system solutions

In addition, each project has a valid project ticket. Visitors need to queue up for tickets to play a project. During holidays and game peaks, after queuing up to buy tickets, they also need to queue up to take turns to play the project, causing the accumulation of crowds and bringing some confusion to visitors.

In response to the problem of accumulation of crowd queues to buy tickets, we, Card Cube, introduce electronic ticket charging and enable Card Cube drip card swipe charging system. Each visitor in the amusement park to provide temporary sales card service center set up in the park when visitors enter the drip rubber card recharge a certain amount, into the park of each game project, swipe card consumption way to play, no need to buy tickets, no need to wait in line, greatly improving the management of the park. After the game, in the refund service center to return the card refund card balance operation.

Considering that most of the amusement park facilities have been installed, how to reduce the installation wiring and start the electronic charging mode smoothly? Card Cube newly launched intercom mode frequency transmission data, 433 wireless frequency transmission credit card consumption data, no wiring, wireless transmission data, save trouble, convenient!

Amusement park for each person to provide temporary a drip card visitors with a card into the park drip card in the service center to recharge the drip card card holders can swipe the card in each project in the park, leaving the park can return the card in the refund service center and refund the card according to the balance of the card. The park administrator can count the profitability of each project according to the card swiping machine of each project. The overall actual operation of the park can also be checked and counted according to the cash collected by the recharge service center and the cash collected by the refund service center.

All credit card devices use wireless 433 frequency to transmit data, directly connected to the management computer center USB communication 433 transceiver can release parameters, collect consumption data, and charging software can organize various statistical reports.

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