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Smart card security discussion triggered by cracked and stolen Harbin bus IC card

Today Harbin broke a bus IC It is understood that this bus in Harbin was cracked 40,000 explosive cards. IC The card belongs to the multifunctional card issued in the city, can be in the city to join a card project in the supermarket and other consumer places consumption. This case has sparked the bus IC what kind of card is safe?

The case suspect Lvs initial purpose was actually to crack the game card of the game hall. He spent hundreds of dollars on the Internet to buy the equipment, but found that he could not crack the game card. In order not to waste resources, he tried to crack the bus IC card never thinking it would work. From this information, we can know that if the game card of the game hall can not be cracked, it proves that some cards can not be cracked, and the bus IC online bought a few hundred dollars to crack the product cracked the card, indicating that the problem may be in the card.

Cards commonly used in the market can be divided into ID cards, IC cards, CPU cards

ID card.

ID card full name identification card (Identification Card), is a kind of induction card can not be written, contains a fixed number. id and magnetic cards, like the card only use the card number. ID card is an induction magnetic card, no confidentiality measures, not suitable for public transport IC card.

IC card.

IC integrated circuit card (Integrated Circuit Card), also known as smart card (Smart Card). A card system, consumer systems, etc. can be strong, reliable data records, easy to use, etc., IC use the card, must first pass the unique two-way key authentication between IC card and read-write equipment, so that the entire system has a very high level of security. Therefore, must factory IC initialization (i.e. encryption) card is the purpose of factory IC card within the generation of unbreakable a card system key to ensure the security of a card system distribution mechanism

CPU card.

The smart card security discussion triggered by the cracking and theft of Harbin bus IC card

The CPU card has a large user space, fast reading speed, high security, and support for a card with multiple functions. CPU card is the card with the highest level of security in the micro-payment industry such as public transportation card and social security card. In fact, some IC cards can still be solved on professional equipment, just a matter of difficulty, but there is no CPU Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the bus card is cracked IC card is cracked to choose the CPU card is the most secure.

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