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Which company produces good quality of meal cards in Shenzhen

Meal cards are often called meal cards. At present, meal cards are used in schools, factories, companies and many other places. Now there are many companies producing meal cards. Which company in Shenzhen produces meal cards with good quality? Lets introduce it to Card Cube.

Which company produces meal cards in Shenzhen with good quality

Rice card is also IC a kind of card can be used to buy food, cooking, etc. at the designated place. Rice cards are popular in high schools, college campuses and all large factories and are quite easy to use. Many universities are now using one card. A card can function not only as a rice card and other spending functions, but also as a school ID.

Making and producing a rice card requires a large number of procedures and process requirements. At present, the card cube process includes matte surface, frosted UV card, hot stamping, hot silver, added film, color printing, surface gloss, laser code, spray code UV code and other processes. And the materials used for the meal cards are all brand new materials, with good quality assurance!

At present, Card Cube into has 13 years of card making experience in making meal cards. In addition to producing meal cards, we also produce contact product ic cards, inductive ic cards, non-contact ic full magnetic thin cards, thin visual cards, IC visual cards, magnetic stripe visual cards, ID cards, ID thick cards, CPU cards , keychain cards, magnetic stripe cards, barcode cards, hospital cards, campus cards IC cards, bus ic cards, community access cards, super membership cards and other smart cards. The company also has a design team, can provide you with free design and sample cards!

The company promises: all the smart cards produced in the company can be guaranteed for one year. If there is any quality problem, you can replace the new card for free! So, which company in Shenzhen produces good quality rice cards? Card cube is your good choice! Other product links: contact ic card inductive ic card ID card

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