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Shenzhen Baoan District which makes portrait card effect is good?

Portrait card can also be said to be a general term. In fact, we can call them portrait cards, such as work cards, student ID cards, transfer cards and work cards. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers who make portrait cards, especially in Shenzhen, so we cant choose, so which portrait card works well in Baoan District, Shenzhen? Lets take a look.

Portrait card

Portrait cards are personal information cards made by advanced digital printing, that is, direct printing of portrait, name, number, position, department, bar code and other information PVC In fact, some portrait cards can also be made into IC cards tablets other smart cards. Portrait identification card production requirements are very simple, customers only need to provide photos, personal information and card design requirements.

Portrait card production technical standards.

1. Ensure data security. Printed card numbers and passwords are free of defects and omissions, and are not unreadable. Card face number and password overlay (scratch ink) intact and undamaged

2. Portrait card anti-counterfeiting design: card body front specific

Shenzhen Baoan District which makes portrait cards with good effect?

Anti-counterfeiting ink printed on the logo or text, can only be clearly seen under ultraviolet light. Scratching ink is used to ride the seam seal anti-counterfeiting to prevent the second coating of the code.

3. The pattern or text content on the front and back of the card is consistent with the pattern or text content provided by your company.

Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Card Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional smart card manufacturer in China. The company was established in June 2004 and is located in the beautiful city of Shenzhen Baoan District, with an existing production area of 5000 square meters, making it the largest card supplier in Shenzhen Baoan District.

CardCube specializes in producing and selling all kinds of contact IC cards, induction IC cards, ID cards and other smart cards. The company has introduced advanced production equipment and production technology from home and abroad, and sincerely recruited a group of card-making technical elites. With many years of sales experience, advanced production technology at home and abroad, assembly lines and the love and dedication of all the staff in line with international standards (ISO781X series) of PVC data card products covering 28 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, some products are exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Europe and the United States.

Company products

Smart card series: ID card, M1 card, smart IC card, CPU card, visual card, induction IC card, contact IC card, non-contact ID card, ME card, coin card, keychain card, crystal card T5557 card and related coils, induction card core material.

Common card series: telephone card, password card, VIP card, membership card, calendar card, paper card, portrait work card and other PVC plastic cards and paper cards.

Agent sales: various magnetic stripe card reader, IC card reader, ID card reader, barcode card scanning equipment and other related card reading and writing equipment.

Development: membership card management system, membership card professional card reader, stored value consumption system, campus card, enterprise card and parking system, restaurant sales system, attendance access control system.

For cards like cards, the company has cooperated with many enterprises and established a long-term relationship. If you want to customize the portrait card, you can contact our card cube to process the card image for free, and everything is done according to your satisfaction.

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