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Talking about the renewal of bank cards and how we see the drip card

Recently, according to the relevant reports, we learned that the bank

Talking about the renewal of bank cards, how do we look at the drip card

Magnetic stripe cards will no longer be issued next year, but financial drip cards. This indicates that the magnetic stripe card has been with us for decades and is about to say goodbye to an era and the smart card market.

Drip cards will now be the new key promotion. However, this actually brings a new perspective to the rest of our industry. Why should bank cards, the largest issuer and the largest user, abandon magnetic stripe cards in favor of the more expensive drip cards? Analyze from the following points.

As far as the international environment is concerned, foreign countries have popularized smarter environment drip cards In order to adapt to the global economic changes and use of the environment, the change of cards should also be in line with the trend of the times.

1. From the perspective of the payment environment, with the continuous upgrading of smart devices, the requirements of the traditional magnetic stripe card is increasingly high, can not adapt to the new smart devices, limiting the scope of use of the card, upgrade, better service users, to achieve efficient payment function.

2. From the point of view of the card itself, the magnetic stripe card has low cost but low security. Drip rubber card in terms of security, the card is not easy to forge, counterfeit card is not easy to occur; at the same time, from the perspective of portable payment, drip rubber card non-contact swipe payment flash card.

3. From the policy point of view, the national gold card project to support the intelligent development of drip rubber card in 2011, the central bank issued a "promote financial development" drip rubber card "card application opinions" also promoted the step-by-step development of drip rubber card.

Then, the changes in the bank card to our drip rubber card industry inspiration is what?

1.Security:The primary purpose of upgrading and changing the card is security, bringing safety to the user, so that the user can use with confidence.

2. Expansion: The drip card is scalable and can be used for multiple purposes with one card and one card network.

3.Upgrade:At present, many industries are still continuing to use magnetic stripe cards as membership cards. With this change of card, other industries are bound to upgrade their use and improve the quality of the card.

4. Intelligent: In fact, intelligent payment or use of the card is not only reflected in the bank card, but should be used by more industries, not only for payment functions, but also to help promote and create an image.

5. Efficient:The purpose of changing the card is to pay efficiently for drip cards for the card industry, technology is a new challenge.

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