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What are the common types of hospital visiting cards at present?

Nowadays, in order to achieve information management, many hospitals use more hospital medical cards, and hospital medical cards have become the standard supplies of hospitals, so what are the common types of hospital medical cards? In summary, the most commonly used hospital medical cards are inductive IC medical cards, contact IC visit cards, ID medical cards, magnetic stripe medical cards, and barcode medical cards of several types.

What are the common types of hospital visit cards currently in use?

IC hospital visit card

The hospital medical card is the bridge between the hospital and the patient. Patients can hold a hospital medical card to register, receive medical treatment and settle payments to complete a series of actions. However, some medical cards do not have these functions, so lets take a look at what types of hospital medical cards are currently used.

An overview of the types of hospital medical cards currently in common use.

Magnetic stripe hospital card Currently, some hospitals still use the magnetic stripe card as a medical card because the system is the old hospital management system. On the one hand, the system is limited, and on the other hand, the magnetic stripe card is easy and cheap to use, saving the hospital some of its overhead costs.

Magnetic stripe hospital cards

Bar code hospital medical card Bar code card and magnetic stripe card are almost the same era, both use similar principle and low production cost.

ID hospital visit cards With the upgrade of the system, the use of induction cards is becoming more and more common and convenient, ID cards are now also used by many hospitals. Since the data is transmitted by induction, its high efficiency and fast credit card improves the speed of payment and the speed of reading information by doctors.

ID Hospital Visit Cards

Contact IC visit card Contact IC This card has storage function and encryption function, and is also used by many hospitals. This is an insert card, which is simple to use, but the chip is susceptible to the external environment and can easily damage the chip.

Induction type IC hospital visit card Induction type IC This card is non-contact chip card, also has the function of storage and encryption, also transmits data through frequency, swipe card fast and high efficiency.

Induction IC hospital visit card

Now, with the continuous advancement of technology and the development of hospital medical card functions, many hospitals are starting to choose IC and also inductive IC cards. Induction IC cards as hospital medical cards not only can achieve a variety of functions, but also have high security, are not easy to copy, and are more convenient to use.

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