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What chip is better for canteen dining card package at present

Canteen dining card is an integral part of the canteen dining system, which contains the amount of money. So what card is used for this canteen dining card and what chip is better? Now canteen dining card can be sealed id chip, ic chip or cpu chip, but still some people will ask what chip is currently better for canteen dining card package? Lets take a look.

What chip is better for canteen dining card package at present

Cafeteria dining card

Canteen dining card is a commonly used card, if used in factories and schools, but also a relatively large smart card, the current canteen dining card is mainly packaged ic card or id card, but also our commonly used chip, as for the installation of which chip card, we can see from their advantages.

IC the card is an integrated circuit card, also known as a smart card, which is embedded in a microelectronic chip ISO in 7816 standard card base, made into card form. ic card and the communication between the reader can be contact or contactless. ic card has the advantage of information security, easy to carry, relatively well standardized. ic card manufacturers, so the price is gradually declining.

ID card is a kind of induction card that can not be written, including a fixed number, only use the card number, the card in addition to the card number, no secrecy function, its card number open, bare. id card is induction magnetic card.

And as for cpu chip is a real smart card, but now in the market cpu chip is mainly used in the financial industry, the production cost is relatively high, not suitable for canteen dining card.

So whether it is canteen ic card or canteen id at present, the card is mainly customized according to the needs of the manufacturer. Perhaps in the future, peoples demand for information security will require more secure smart cards. At present, card cube meets the market development ic card and even number ic card reader, which HXDIC-U model even number ic card reader can also be said to be a kind of driverless plug-and-play reader, no need any driver to read the card, very convenient to use.

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