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Buy self-adhesive labels to pay attention to the problem!

Before ordering self-adhesive labels, you need to understand some product characteristics.

Buy self-adhesive labels to pay attention to the problem!

Box labels: As the specifications of different box labels are different, our factory can customize the outer packaging trademark paper according to customer requirements. Label paper made of label material can be stored for a long time. The printed content is clear, the printing head is not damaged, and the paper is not jammed. The label is very good. The label can be moved, the self-adhesive label manufacturer can not be moved! You can move the label sheet. Peel off the label and repeat the paste. In addition, labels that cannot be removed when pasting are difficult to peel off.

Carton sticker material: coated paper, writing paper, thermal paper, kraft paper, synthetic paper, etc.

Carton sticker label features: scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, strong adhesion, easy to peel off.

Carton stickers: general-purpose, adhesive qiang special label requirements can be customized force type and removable adhesive

Carton stickers backing paper: white, blue, yellow cellophane, yellow background white paper, etc.

Carton sticker shape: round, rectangle, square, round, right angle, etc.

Carton sticker printing: custom size and shape design, or provide sample design graphic solution for reference

Carton sticker characteristics: good printing effect, not easy to fall off, clear printing, bright colors, smooth surface, uniform thickness, good gloss flexibility.

Carton stickers thermal labels have a lot of room for development.

Other examples include luggage labels, wholesale overpriced labels, storage and transportation labels, which are now more commonly used. In some advanced European logistics nationwide, self-adhesive labels account for more than 40% of the total label market demand. In China, this market is just beginning, with negligible annual per capita consumption. Foreign retailers and local private companies will be the way forward, becoming stronger and stronger.

Carton label converting production technology is the production method for label printing. The printing process of dry glue label printing technology includes flat offset printing, aniline printing, letterpress printing, screen printing, gravure printing and digital printing. The converting process includes roller die-cutting, photolithography die-cutting, lamination, photolithography, foil stamping, stamping, folding and electrostatic removal. Different label types and different converting techniques are available.

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