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Applications and functions of M1 cards

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The M1 card is also a type of IC card, its full name is NXPMifare1, a chip produced by NXP, a subsidiary of Philip, and the chips used to make M1 cards are the S50 chip and the S70 chip. M1 cards are multifunctional cards that use a contactless way to exchange and input information to a reader. Let's take a look at the application areas of M1 cards and their functions.

Applications and functions of M1 cards

Applications and functions of M1 cards

M1 Parking Card

Application areas of the M1 card

M1 card is the same as the contactless IC card, also by the antenna and IC technology encapsulated in a PVC material made of IC card, M1 card has the advantages of multi-functional readable and writable, but he also has disadvantages, its disadvantages are slightly expensive, short induction distance, suitable for non-fixed consumption system, parking system, access control attendance system, etc..  User convenience of M1 card: MIFARE is optimized for user convenience. For example, the high-speed data transmission makes the complete ticketing transaction processed in less than 100ms. Therefore users do not have to stay at the reader antenna, forming a high throughput rate and reducing the boarding time of buses. The MIFARE card can stay in the wallet during the transaction, and even coins in the wallet are not affected.

M1 card is mutual random and answer authentication, data encryption and message identification check and, prevent all kinds of crack and tampering, make it more suitable for ticketing applications, unchangeable serial number, to ensure the uniqueness of each card.

Functions of M1 card

Multi-application function of M1 card: MIFARE provides a true multi-application function comparable to CPU cards. Two different keys per zone support systems that use hierarchical keys.

The M1 card is a common card in the market, so its application area is quite wide. CardCube is a manufacturer of M1 cards, and all brand new materials are used to make M1 cards, so the quality is guaranteed. The company also has a group of excellent designers and technicians who can provide free layout design and technical support for M1 cards.

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