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The principle of ID access card

The system is composed of card, card reader and backstage controller. The working process is as follows: 1, the card reader will carrier signal sent outward by the antenna, the carrier frequency is 125KHZ (THRC12) 2, ID card into the card readers work area, by the card inductor coil and capacitor resonant circuit composed of the reader to receive the carrier signal emitted by the card reader, the card in the chips RF interface module from this signal to produce a power supply voltage, reset signal and system clock, so that the chip "activation"; 3, the chip reads the control module to modulate the data in the memory by the phase-modulation code on the carrier wave, and sends back to the card reader by the antenna in the card; 4, the card reader demodulates and decodes the received card return signal and sends it to the background computer; 5, the background computer makes corresponding for different applications according to the legality of the card number processing and control for different applications.

Features of ID card.

Carrier frequency is 125KHz (THRC12) or 13.56MHz (THRC13); The modulation mode of data transmission from the card to the reader is loaded amplitude modulation; The data encoding in the card adopts BPSK phase shift keying mode with strong anti-interference ability; The data transmission rate from the card to the reader is 3.9kbps (THRC12) or 6.62kbps (THRC13); Data Storage using EEPROM, data storage time of more than 10 years; data storage capacity of a total of 64 bits, including the manufacturer, issuer and user code; card number can not be changed after writing before sealing the card, absolutely ensure the uniqueness and security of the card number.

ID card access control field reference chip.

Product name:T5567 card   

Chip type:Atmel T5567   

Storage capacity:330bits   

Operating frequency:125KHZ   

Communication rate:9600bonds   

Read/write distance:3-10cm   

Read/Write time:67ms   

Operating temperature:-20℃~55℃   

Erase life:>100,000 times   

Data retention:10 years   

Dimension:ISO standard thin/thick card   

Packaging material: PVC, PET, ABS, 0.13mm copper wire   

Encapsulation process: PVC lamination   

Typical application:inductive smart door lock, school/enterprise one-card system, access control, channel system, etc.   

Detailed information.   

T5567 contactless IC thin card, consisting of IC chip and induction antenna, is pressed into international standard size card by high temperature lamination process.T5567 RF thin card adopts original T5567 chip, which has various working modes, high stability and wide range of applications, is inductive intelligent door lock, channel system, attendance system, identification, property identification, process control, parking, logistics, animal identification, identity card, etc. Parking, logistics, animal identification, identity recognition, industrial automation, conference check-in, electronic tagging, supermarkets, warehouse management, personnel management, security systems and other preferred RFID products. In addition, we can package the T5557 chip into various kinds of shaped cards. The cards can be pre-printed in our factory with high quality offset/silkscreen printing, or personalized with small printers.

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ID card access control field reference chip


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