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Label printing method!

Labels are used to mark the classification or content of your target, just like the keywords you set for your target, making it easy for you and others to find and locate your target. The wide range and continuous development of label varieties has naturally contributed to the development of label printing technology. Label printing covers all printing methods such as flat, convex, concave and mesh, with different applications in different countries. But from the global labeling trends in recent years can be seen, flexible printing, narrow rotary printing and digital printing has become the new highlight of label printing in Europe and the United States, but also the trend of label printing.

At present, domestic label printing mainly uses letterpress printing, offset printing, flexographic printing and screen printing. Technically speaking, these printing methods have their own advantages.

① Offset printing is a wide range of printing methods. Domestic single-paper printing is basically the world of offset printing. The printing method is fast, high printing clarity, accurate overprinting, full of printing levels, but poor durability, shallow ink layer, not suitable for printing brightly colored label products.

② good text clarity, high printing speed, color strength and durability is stronger than offset printing, slightly worse than screen printing, but the horizontal performance and jacket accuracy is stronger than screen printing and flexible printing, most of the domestic production of labels using convex brush.

③ the biggest advantage of screen printing is the ink layer is thick, good coverage, but slow, poor level, low jacket accuracy (this is the general level of domestic, in recent years the development of screen printing machine jacket accuracy to 10 silk, 6000 silk per hour), screen printing machine can be used to print labels that are not strong levels

④ soft printing printing characteristics of relatively medium foreign countries mostly use this printing labels, but the technology requires a high level of mesh roller processing and workers skills, simple machinery, but the technology is quite complex. At present, there are fewer printed labels in China.

In order to print a beautiful label, the need to effectively combine various processes in the printing process, integrating the advantages of various printing methods to form a greater combination of advantages.

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