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The 5 advantages of contactless card!

The 5 advantages of contactless card!

There is no mechanical contact between the non-contact IC card and the card reader, avoiding various failures caused by contact reading and writing. For example, due to poor card insertion, non-card insertion, poor contact and other reasons caused by dust or oil. In addition, non-contact card surface does not need to expose the chip, no need to worry about the chip off, static electricity breakdown, bending damage, etc., can be used to print the card, improve the reliability of the card.

Easy and quick operation of the card

Due to the contactless communication, the reader can be 10cm operation card in the range, so there is no need to insert and dial the card, which is very convenient for the user. Contactless cards have no orientation when used. You can read or write the card in any direction to complete the operation, which greatly improves the speed of each use.

Anti-collision and anti-conflict

Contactless card has a fast anti-collision mechanism CARDS therefore, the reader can handle multiple contactless data interference IC cards at the same time. This improves application parallelism and increases the speed of the system.

Singed adaptability

Different systems can use the contactless card storage structure. Users can set different passwords and access conditions for different applications.

Be careful with encryption

The serial number of the contactless card is unique and cannot be replaced as it is cured by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. The contactless card and the reader use a two-way verification mechanism, that is, the reader verifies the IC at the same time, the legality of the card IC the card also verifies the legality of the reader. Contactless cards must be authenticated with the reader three times before processing, and all data during communication is encrypted. In addition, each fan area of the card has its own operating password and access conditions, so it is suitable for electronic wallets, road toll systems and bus vending systems.

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