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Fujian Xiangyou County launched the annual card for tourism, eat, drink, play, live and travel a card

In order to let the public enjoy the fun of Xiangyou local tourism. Recently, Xiangyou County, Fujian Province issued the provinces Xiangyou tourism annual card, the establishment of a large database of tourism, the construction of the provinces first batch of intelligent tourism city, but also for the future of the countys tourism industry.

It is reported that the annual tourism card issued by Xiangyou County, Fujian Province will be combined with intelligent tourism and the Internet + big data system has a more favorable price, faster processing and more convenient to carry.

The first release of the limited edition annual tourism card has a year 100 yuan and two years 150 yuan two, September 1, a limited number of 1000 copies, using the real name system, only for their own use. During the validity period, visitors can enter the first ticket of the three major scenic spots of Jiu Li Lake, Cai Xi Yan and Mai Xi Yan for free. At the same time, the annual card also includes catering, accommodation, entertainment, mahogany merchants and cars. s stores and more than 200 merchants, joint marketing, discounts, VIP access and other value-added services for tourists, to a greater extent to meet the different needs of tourists food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment.

Xiangyou County, Fujian Province launched the provinces unique annual tourism card, allowing visitors to truly enjoy

Xiangyou County, Fujian Province launched the annual tourism card eat, drink, play, live and travel a cartoon

The dividends of tourism development, visitors can not only visit scenic spots for free, receive exquisite gifts in various cooperative enterprises, but also enjoy super value discounts when staying in hotels, to achieve the annual tourism card, drink, play, stay and travel card.

Due to the integration of the big data system, the county tourism department can also use the tourism card, ticket sales, ticketing information real-time statistics, management, and public security, traffic, market supervision, health departments to form information sharing cooperation, combined with tourism information data to form a tourism forecast and early warning mechanism to improve emergency management capabilities and ensure tourism safety.

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