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High-grade membership wristbands production

Membership wristbands are the high-end membership wristbands that we often come into contact with, many people may ask, what is a high-end membership wristband? In fact, high-end membership wristbands are very different from ordinary membership wristbands in terms of material and technology. Lets take a look at the materials and technology of high-end membership wristbands!

High-end membership wristbands production, and Xinda - high-end membership wristbands direct manufacturer

Brushed laser membership wristbands

The characteristics of high-end membership wristbands.

1. In terms of materials, the production of high-end membership wristbands materials include PVC materials, brass, steel and other metal materials, and then produced through a series of processes such as design, drawing, wire cutting die, stamping, corrosion, printing, polishing, electroplating, filling, drip glue, packaging, etc.

2. In terms of process, the process of making high-end membership wristbands includes matte surface, frosted and frosted UV wristband pieces, hot stamping, hot stamping silver, adding film, color printing, surface gloss, laser code, spray code UV code and other processes.

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