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The characteristics of high quality woven wristbands, the importance of raw materials auxiliary materials

In the production process of mixed woven wristbands, silicone rubber material auxiliary materials and curing agent and silica silica synthesis, and this type of woven wristbands auxiliary materials is the current silicone rubber molding process is indispensable auxiliary supplies, which is more important to belong to the curing agent and release agent two, the two different roles in the curing and demolding effect, different woven wristbands processing factory demolding method and curing method Different woven label wristband processing factorys release method and curing method, so the choice of different mold release and catalytic additives have different precautions, so the product auxiliary materials or to correspond to the use of only.   

The characteristics of high-quality woven wristbands, the importance of raw materials and auxiliary materials

Woven wristband vulcanizing agent

The vulcanizing agent is referred to as catalyst, in the woven mark wristband mainly with the woven mark wristband, improve the high temperature catalytic effect, as well as heat resistance, reduce heat generation, aging resistance, improve the woven mark wristband and silicon chain bonding, it can be used for different woven mark wristband adhesive species, through the woven mark wristband manufacturer refining added to the solid rubber and room temperature liquid rubber in the fusion, under normal circumstances need to be at a high temperature of 160 degrees above In order to achieve high temperature curing woven wristbands finished products.   

Low-temperature vulcanizing agent   

Low-temperature vulcanizing agent and ordinary vulcanizing agent and there are different differences, it is a highly efficient silicone rubber vulcanization accelerator, used as silicone rubber without mold vulcanization, hot air extrusion silicone rubber vulcanizing agent, with high crosslink density, good transparency, light taste, good vulcanization color. Divided into two kinds of transparent and ordinary; also used as a fast curing agent for unsaturated polyester resin. Can be used in the fast curing of dendrimer anchors at low temperature. 

Release agent   

Mold release agent for woven wristbands in the mold cavity class necessary for a class of complex supplies, especially for woven wristbands product structure is more complex, difficult to release a class of products, its basic material belongs to the organic organochlorosilane and organic alkoxysilane, which can be divided into methyl ethoxy silane, phenyl chlorosilane and phenyl ethoxy silane and other organic compounds belong to the liquid use type auxiliary products, generally sprayed in the The main role in the woven wristband industry is to spray directly on the surface of the mold so that the silicone rubber material can be quickly demolded after molding.   

Color glue color paste   

Usually used for woven wristband coloring, coloring, it is suitable for any type of woven wristband products, mostly used in woven wristband gifts, woven wristband kitchenware, woven wristband cable and other colorful products, woven wristband color masterbatch compared to color powder, has the characteristics of environmental protection, high temperature resistance, good dispersion performance, high color matching accuracy, stable performance, easy to use, no pollution, easy to store.   

Surface treatment agent for wristbands   

Anti-static oil is a woven mark wristband products after forming through the woven mark wristband manufacturers spraying oil process after processing way to produce, mainly the product to achieve anti-static dustproof effect, and can achieve a good effect of the feel of China, the ink can be divided into different blending formula production and color production, under normal use it is non-toxic environmental protection, but most of the ink can not pass the safety monitoring report, and there are still many consumers More favorable spray oil treatment of woven wristbands after the product   

For woven mark wristband auxiliary materials there are very many kinds and different roles, such as woven mark wristband mold washing agent, catalyst, internal release agent, woven mark wristband adhesive and adhesive paper, etc., and more conventional in the above, different products and different mold processing will choose different auxiliary agents.

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