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Such is the brushed gold card!

This is the brushed gold card! In order to show the high-end of membership card, many customers choose to make brushed gold card. What does a brushed gold card look like? In fact, the brushed gold card refers to the use of a PVC brushed material after printing, you can see the brushed effect from different angles, you can also hot laser silver or laser gold on the surface of the brushed material.

Such is the brushed gold card!

Brushed gold card

Brushed gold card gives people a noble and elegant feeling, high-grade gorgeous, distributing customers, showing personality, is the first choice for making high-end membership cards, VIP cards. Therefore, more and more business people favor the change pattern on the card, presenting various colors, which can present special reflection changes in any part of the card, with good visual effect, which can enhance the anti-counterfeiting function and anti-scanning copy function of the trading card, making the circulation of the trading card more secure.

The brushed gold card includes a multi-layer structure. The middle layer of the brushed card includes the core layer. The upper and lower surface layers are brushed coating. In the process of metal pressure processing, under the action of external force, the metal is forced through the die compression, and obtain the required cross-sectional area shape and size of the technical processing method is called metal drawing card.

The characteristics of brushed gold card.

1. rich texture levels, clear and delicate.

2. stable printing, minimal color difference.

3. not leaving the layer, not folding white.

4. realistic texture, good hand feeling.

5. Can print some special ink

6. Using special laser film, combined with special printing technology to form a variety of lines and patterns, exquisite and beautiful, high grade

Brushed gold cards are suitable for high-end membership cards, VIP cards, gold cards, silver cards, IC cards, ID cards, etc. can be made according to requirements.

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