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Is such a community card really good?

With the continuous development of electronic technology, there are a lot of card services, such as campus card, bus card, travel card, etc.. Now there is a community "community card", so this "community card" really good, lets take a look together.

Traffic card

Nowadays, the "Campus One Card" is very common, students can use one card to access the campus cafeteria, supermarket, library, etc. This brings a lot of convenience to students life, but this convenience can only cover the services in the school. For example, residents can enjoy basic services such as haircuts and grocery shopping with just one card, which brings great convenience to the elderly and disabled.

Now people in the community dont have to travel so far to buy vegetables, they can call and have them delivered to their homes, even if the vegetables cost two dollars, they will be delivered to their homes soon.

Does such a community card really work well?

The goods come to your door, and you get a 10% discount. So this smart card really brings them a lot of convenience.

The "Community Card" service is a pro-people project, very convenient and affordable for residents. At present, some communities have already started to issue the card, and the response is very high among the residents in some communities. Some businesses have joined the "community card" service, "community card" service will slowly cover beauty salon, car repair, car wash, food delivery, food and vegetable delivery, legal advice and other content. In the future, more services will be added to further expand the scope of pro-people services.

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Such is the brushed gold card!


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