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Color card FAQ and reply!

⒈ color problem.

Due to the small number of cards, belongs to the collage printing, the color often has deviation (this is an objective phenomenon, difficult to avoid, deviation within 10% is normal). But because customers / intermediaries do not understand the printing, often produce a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings, so the color problem caused by disputes accounted for more than half of all disputes, such as:

①Require the color of the print to be the same as the screen (visualizer). As printing is through the film // PS version with CMYK four ink printing, visualizer printing RGB three color visualization, at the same time, for various reasons, different monitors make the same document different: different manufacturers of different display tubes (i.e., different brands of monitors with different colors); different degree of aging of the monitor, each person has a different visual RGB color adjustment to different values, showing different So the color of the print does not match reality. Of course, the color displayed by the visualizer can be the color of the print can exceed 80% of the color displayed by the visualizer. Of course, the color displayed by the visualizer can be 80% of the color displayed by the visualizer, and the color of the print can exceed the color displayed by the visualizer. Handling:If you ask to return the product because the color of the print and the screen are different, the company generally does not accept it.

②Membership card production, VIP card production requires the color of the print and inkjet color printer inkjet the same. Do not understand the printing and color printer color printer impractical requirements, because the printing is the use of CMYK four ink printing, printers with ink printing, ink and ink are two different materials, different manufacturers produce ink and inkjet machine to make the same document printed color too different. And the color of the print does not meet the requirements of the print, so the color of the inkjet manuscript required to print the color is unrealistic. Of course, inkjet drafts are also available for reference. Depending on the quality of the inkjet draft, the color of the print can exceed 70% of the inkjet draft. Handling:If a return is requested due to a large difference in color between the print and the inkjet draft, the company generally does not accept it.

③The color of the print is the same as the original manuscript. There are several cases here.

? The original manuscript was not printed from the file provided to our company by the customer. In this case, the deviation in color between the original and the electronic copy determines the deviation between the original and the print.

? One of the originals and prints is a matte finish, in which case the color of the matte finish will be slightly darker.

? The original is the text printed to our company (including deviation from the last time when the same document is printed again). If the deviation of color depth within 10% is normal, it shall not be used as a reason for return. Note: Due to printing reasons, the color deviation is larger: orange block, dark blue block, purple block, coffee block, dark green and other darker colors. Handling:If the color deviation is within 10% of normal, the company will not accept the request for return. If the deviation is too large, the company will make appropriate treatment.

④Membership card production, VIP card production, VIP card piece production requires all printed materials (including front and negative) to have absolutely the same color. Due to the small number of cards, which are short-run printing, it is difficult to guarantee the absolute same color of the printed products, there will be some small deviation. 10% deviation is normal. Handling: If the normal color deviation needs to be returned, the company will not accept it. If the deviation is too big, the company will make appropriate treatment.

⑤ About the bottom of the dark color block on the cutting edge of the color card. In principle, this is because it is not thoroughly dried after printing, so the pressure of the cutting paper knife during the cutting process is very high, and even if it is more thorough, it is still a bit over the bottom. Of course, drying is longer after printing (but here there is the issue of delivery time) / use dark color blocks sparingly when designing (light color bottom is not obvious) / try not to put dark color blocks on the cutting edge when designing (of course, this will limit the design). The best way to prevent this is to go full matte glue. Make sure not to over bottom.

(6) Other color issues. Net gray should not be less than 8%, otherwise it may not be rendered; for full-page gray net, it is recommended to use more than 20% gray net, otherwise the net is not obvious; yellow net should also use more than 20%, otherwise the color is not obvious. Suggestion: If the customer requires strict color/bigger order, we suggest four-color proofing or printing color samples for reference first (in fact, there are still some small deviations). If the color is too strict, only open the special edition printing, special edition fee 1500 yuan.

Peal cutting problem.

Because the color card is printed with copper paper, cutting more, copper paper is also very smooth (glue more slippery), cutting paper knife will also have position, so cutting card may have about 1mm shift (this is the machine factor, it is difficult to avoid), do draft to avoid unnecessary disputes.

① The logo/text is cut due to inaccurate cutting, or the logo/text is too close to the cutting line. This is because the logo/text is too close to the cutting line, and it is recommended to cut the logo/text ≥3mm from the cutting line.

② The card frame or color block is not symmetrical (different width) at the top and bottom due to inaccurate cutting. Under the existing conditions, there is no way to make the cutting absolutely accurate. If the requirement is not too strict, you can place an order, if the requirement is too strict, our company has the right to refuse to accept the order.

③The subsequent processing of the card is not smooth due to inaccurate cutting. If the colored card needs nesting processing (such as nesting color raised letters, nesting embossed gold/silver, etc.), it should be explained to the person in charge of our company, and our company can easily handle it. Otherwise, no return is allowed.

④ There are white edges or more cuts because of inaccurate cutting. The most obvious example is that the head is attached to the cutting line, there is no blood draft, this kind of manuscript will make the plate operator in a dilemma, such as pulling out the head will cut off part of the face, such as pulling back will leave a white edge, if not move two possibilities, such as supplementing the head another part of the bleeding position may be different, so that the portrait is not coordinated. Our company has the right to refuse to place an order.

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