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The future IC card will gradually replace the market of ID card

ID card and IC card are now commonly used chip cards, with the continuous development of electronic technology, now ID card can be decrypted and copied, which has a great threat to the security of ID card. However, the emergence of IC cards, with the advantages of IC cards, many areas are now beginning to replace the IC card, perhaps in the future IC cards will gradually replace the ID card market.

ID card

ID card is a low-frequency induction card, because it is a read-only induction card, so it is also called induction magnetic card, ID card application method is simple, the production cost is relatively low, so it is a lot of shopping malls must choose the card. But now because ID cards can be copied and the cost of IC cards are all reduced, many merchants now prefer to use IC cards instead of ID cards.

The main problems that ID cards encounter now are:

1, can not be encrypted, easy to be copied, security is not high.

2, garbled data, bad management. ID card is read-only, the use of ID card can only use the internal code number, generally for 10-bit garbled data, bad management.

3, re-code problem. ID card internal code is fixed in the chip production, the end user can not plan their own use of the number field, with the increase in usage, control is not good, easy to re-code problem.

Inductive IC card will gradually replace

The future IC card will gradually replace the market of ID card

ID card

The above are the problems that occur with ID cards, but IC cards can completely avoid such problems for the following reasons.

1, IC card can be encrypted, security than ID card is much higher.

2, IC card use, you can write information in the IC card storage area, can be expanded to more applications.

3, for applications that only need to use the card number, you can write the card number information in the card, through the JHIC-U drive-free IC card reader direct output, to achieve the same application effect as the ID card, the number can be planned by themselves.

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