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The electrical part of the card consists of only one antenna and ASIC.

The working principle of M1 card 

Antenna: The antenna of the card is only a few sets of winding coils, which is very suitable for encapsulation into IS0 cards.

ASIC: The cards ASIC consists of a high-speed (106KB baud rate) RF interface, a control unit and an 8K-bit EEPROM.

Working principle: The reader sends a fixed frequency electromagnetic wave to M1 card, there is a LC series resonant circuit inside the card, its frequency is the same as the frequency of the interrogator launch, under the excitation of the electromagnetic wave, the LC resonant circuit resonates, so that there is a charge in the capacitor, at the other end of this capacitor, there is a single conductive electronic pump connected, the charge in the capacitor is sent to another capacitor for storage, when the accumulated charge reaches 2V, the capacitor is sent to the other capacitor. When the accumulated charge reaches 2V, this capacitor can be used as a power supply to provide working voltage for other circuits to transmit out the data in the card or to receive data from the reader.

Previous:lnlay material PVC

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PVC card has the following advantages
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