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PVC card has the following advantages

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(1) high reliability non-contact PVC card IC card and the reader without mechanical contact, to avoid a variety of failures due to contact reading and writing. For example: due to rough insertion of the card, non-card foreign object insertion, dust or oil caused by poor contact caused by the failure. In addition, non-contact PVC card IC card surface without exposed chips, no need to worry about chip off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage and other problems, both to facilitate card printing, but also to improve the reliability of the use of the card.

PVC card has the following advantages

(2) Convenient operation

Due to non-contact communication, the reader can operate the card within 10CM, so it is not necessary to insert and dial the card, which is very convenient for users to use. Non-contact PVC card card use no direction, the card can be swept in any direction read-write surface, both can complete the operation, which greatly improves the speed of each use.

(3) Anti-conflict

Non-contact PVC card IC card has a fast anti-collision mechanism, can prevent data interference between the cards, so the reader can "simultaneously" handle multiple non-contact PVC card IC card. This improves the parallelism of the application, invariably improve the system work speed.

(4) Can be adapted to a variety of applications

Contactless PVC card IC card serial number is unique, the manufacturer has cured this serial number before the product is shipped, can not be changed. Non-contact PVC card IC card and the reader between the two-way verification mechanism, that is, the reader to verify the legality of the IC card, while the IC card also verify the legality of the reader.

Contactless PVC card IC card before processing to be three times with the reader between mutual authentication, and in the communication process all the data are encrypted. In addition, each sector in the card has its own operating password and access conditions.

Contactless PVC card IC card memory structure characteristics make it a card multi-purpose, can be used in different systems, the user can set different passwords and access conditions according to different applications.

(5) Good encryption performance

Non-contact PVC card IC card consists of IC chip, induction antenna, and completely sealed in a standard PVC card, no exposed parts. Non-contact PVC card IC card reading and writing process, usually by non-contact PVC card IC card and the reader through radio waves to complete the read-write operation.

Composition: One part is the power signal, which is received by the card and resonates with its own L/C to produce an instantaneous energy to supply the chip to work. Another part is combined with data signal, command the chip to complete data, modify, store, etc., and return to the reader. The read-write system formed by the non-contact PVC card IC card, both the hardware structure, or the operation process are greatly simplified, at the same time with the help of advanced management software, can be offline operation method, all make the data reading and writing process more simple.

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