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PVC card production

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PVC card production

What are the types of membership cards? What is the difference between magnetic stripe card, barcode card and chip card? How to make a membership card?

Membership card is also called PVC card, PVC card, discount card, discount card, stored value card, point card, shopping card, etc. Commonly used materials are mainly polyvinyl chloride plastic and metal copper.

⒈ polyvinyl chloride plastic card | The card made of PVC material is called PVC card. That is, the common bank card material.

The printing effect of PVC cards can be characterized by bright colors and diversity. Polyvinyl chloride is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride material, the English scientific name is PolyVinyll Chloride, polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding the appropriate amount of anti-aging agents, modifiers, etc., through the mixing, calendering, vacuum blistering process made of PVC material there are sub gray material (recycled material), medium material (sandwich material), in order to reduce prices, some manufacturers usually use recycled materials to reduce the cost. We mainly use good materials to make good cards.

Size: standard size is 85.5mm x design 88.54mmmm x 57mm (including bleeding bit).

Non-standard cards need to open another mold, long working time and extra mold fee. Non-standard cards can not play flat code, convex code, barcode, only spray code, spray barcode.

The magnetic strip is 12.7mm high and 4.7mm from the edge.

Design is generally used coreldraw layout, the final file after turning format is generally stored as worldraw9.0.

Thickness: standard thickness is 0.76mm, also can be 0.2mm, 0.38mm, 0.84mm, 1.0mm, but need extra cost.

Printing:Divided into offset printing, screen printing, silk screen printing and offset printing. Offset printing is four colors with gradient colors. Silkscreen is screen printing in solid color with no gradient color.

Card number:can be divided into playing flat code, spray code, laser code, convex code (small convex code, large convex code)

PVC card production as a symbol of identity has also received new developments and improvements. For example, non-standard cards have emerged for younger customers, who have a strong ability to accept things.

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