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What is an inductive smart card?

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What kind of card is an inductive smart card?

Induction smart card is what card, induction card is also known as smart card, radio frequency card and non-contact ic card, it is the product of the combination of IC card and radio frequency identification technology, smart card has low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency and many other kinds of embedded chips, is a non-contact way to read and write equipment to exchange data to complete all or part of the IC card function card. Low-frequency cards are used for access control, toll collection, attendance, patrol and one-card. High-frequency cards with membership cards are used for stored value. UHF cards can be used in RFID and other projects.

Features of induction smart card

1、Induction smart card does not need special power supply.

2、There is no mechanical contact between it and the reader to avoid contact failure.

3. It has no exposed chips on its surface, which has high water resistance.

4、Smart cards are not easily damaged by electrostatic breakdown and bending.

5、The induction card has no front or back side when used, which makes it more convenient to use.

6、The contactless IC card has the characteristics of high reliability, easy to use and fast operation.

Advantages of inductive smart card

1、High security: The induction smart card has a unique design of information security measures for the light card, which can achieve the docking of one card and one code.

2, high confidentiality: information recording is laser perforated recording method, so induction smart cards are not afraid of any electrical and magnetic interference, both safe and reliable, and the card also has a strong waterproof, anti-pollution, resistance to severe temperature changes, outsiders who want to change the information and content of the smart card will certainly leave evidence and traces, better protect the interests of individuals and enterprises and property security.

3、High cost performance: The cost is cheaper.

4, large capacity: a card can store 4-6 megabytes of information, some portable information media can not be compared with it.

5. Easy to carry: Inductive smart cards are small and convenient, and can be easily carried in wallets and card packs, as well as by courier.

The above is the answer of Huyang Technology to what inductive smart card is, more detailed details are welcome to call for consultation, also welcome all the big brothers to communicate and discuss.

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