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How to choose a good card company to make PVC cards

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There are many card manufacturers making PVC, but choosing which manufacturing company to make PVC cards is a headache for many businesses. Let us analyze how customers can choose a good production method. pvc credit card manufacturing companies are available for customer reference.

How customers go about choosing a good card manufacturing company to make PVC cards

First, choose a professional PVC card making company

Now many companies say they are very professional PVC card manufacturers, but in fact, there are so many real manufacturers, such as some advertising companies, paper printers, software and other companies, they will also do card production business, there will be a lot of membership cards, PVC cards, VIP cards, etc., but they are basically not their own production, is looking for others to do, so there is no way to control the quality, the process of card is not too familiar with Not enough professional, can not give customers the most professional advice, the card may not be the customer like, some even initially confirmed good process suddenly said can not do, because they are not very clear themselves, what process is most suitable for the card process, they do not know what to do, how to guide others!

Second, compare samples

When you call for advice, every family will say that our quality is the best. After asking a few questions, you get confused. You cant tell whos telling the truth and whos not. What should you do? The truth is, the best way is to compare actual samples. Seeing is believing, hearing is believing. Only when you see it with your own eyes and compare it will you know which product is more detailed and the process is more on point. The specific methods are as follows.

1. Compare the colors. Colors should be vibrant and show no signs of fading, which means the ink was used well.

2. Compare the materials. Some card makers use recycled materials, also known as scrap, that are very hard, inflexible, and easily layered. Even when numbering, the numbering is uneven (due to poor flexibility).

3. Compare some common processes. Common processes are hot stamping gold and silver, UV, hit the silver bottom, printing gold and silver, convex code and other processes, to compare whether the hot stamping is flat, UV In short, the details determine the quality, even the details are not good business, more about the overall quality, talk about good materials, good quality, well said, are empty words.

Third, feel the service

Today, the quality of service is always indispensable. Even if the quality is good, if the service is not good, cooperation is not comfortable. Just like the popular greeting pro on Taobao, the pursuit of quality and brand companies must do at least two pro to meet the service standards of the new era. The authors personally believe that service is an indispensable necessity for long-term customers. Every customer wants to have problems in the future, the main body of the business do not shirk responsibility, otherwise it will make customers feel bad, even if you buy cheap, customers will not buy again.

The above is only a reference for the choice of card manufacturers. I hope that companies with card making needs choose card making factory or card making company carefully. Membership card represents the image of your business, must pay attention!

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