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Henan bus PVC card to achieve interoperability one card province is not a dream

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Bus PVC Many citizens look forward to the interoperability of the card. Today, the bus PVC card in Henan Province can be interoperable and realize the desire to swipe the card in the province.

It is understood that the bus PVC since Kaifeng, Anyang, Zhengzhou, Henan Province to achieve interoperability of the card PVC card interconnection after Jiaozuo and Jiyuan finally to interconnect. Today, as long as Jiaozuo bus holds the interconnection standard PVC Jiaozuo, Anyang, Kaifeng and other five cities can achieve off-site swipe card.

Interconnection of public transport PVC is a sign of urban development. In fact, as early as early 2011, 18 cities in Henan Province jointly signed the "Henan Province Public Transport Industry Interconnection Alliance Agreement". Each city is on the bus PVC upgrade card system. 14 September, Anyang, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou to achieve the interconnection of the three places bus PVC card. After several debugging of the bus company, finally interconnected with Jiyuan. The citys goal of a card to brush another big step forward.

Today, if the public needs to buy interconnected bus PVC card, you can buy in the city bus company designated six business points. However, because the interconnection PVC card is a separate type of card, so the use of anonymous, non-lost. As there are still some shortcomings in the scope of use and technology, card swiping in foreign places should be paid according to the local ride fare.

In addition, the interoperable PVC card cannot be recharged in different places, so people should pay more attention to the balance in the card and recharge it in advance to avoid inconvenience to your travel.

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