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Currently there are many kinds of chip cards, such as S50, S70, 4442, 4428, 24C but for the series and other chip cards

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Currently there are many kinds of chip cards, such as S50, S70, 4442, 4428, 24C but for the series and other chip cards, SLE5542 is not well understood, so what is it?SLE5542 chip card, SLE5542 chip card applications, chip card applications.

Currently there are many kinds of chip cards, such as S50, S70, 4442, 4428, 24C but for the series and other chip cards

What is SLE5542 chip card, SLE5542 chip card applications

SLE5542 chip card is Siemens SLE upgraded version of the 4442 chip card is also contact IC chip card is a commonly used in the card. SLE5542 chip card has 256Byte encryptable storage space, the presence of read data, write data, protect data and password operations.

SLE5542 chip card basic parameters.

1. 256-byte EEPROM organization

2. 32-bit protection memory composition

3. Three-byte user password, password error count: three times

4. Temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

5. At least 100,000 times erasure

6. Data retention period of at least 10 years

7. Minimum write/erase time: 2.5ms

Operating voltage: 5V

9. Maximum current: 10mA

SLE5542 chip card security features: 1.

1. Three-byte user password

2. All data can only be read, not rewritten, before the correct password check

3. After checking the correct password, data can be changed, including the password

SLE5542 chip card belongs to contact ic nowadays, and the application range of the card is quite wide. sLE5542 chip card is mainly applied to telecommunication card, IP card, smart card, integrated circuit card, membership card, electronic ticket, VIP card, medical, insurance, transportation, school and other fields.

Shenzhen Card Cube is a manufacturer of various smart cards SLE5542 chip cards, contact ic cards, induction ic cards, visual cards, ID cards, CPU cards, keychain cards, magnetic stripe cards, barcode cards, hospital cards, bus ic cards and other smart cards.

The seven advantages of Shenzhen card cube card making

1. 13 years of professional card making, new card making equipment to ensure the quality of printing.

2. markets throughout the domestic and international markets, diverse technologies, to ensure the card making period.

3. card thickness, card base whiteness up to standard, to ensure quality.

4. brand new PVC material, certified by ISO9001:2000 and SGS.

5. Professional design, cooperate with customers to speed up the final draft.

6. arrange commissioner quality inspection, if there are quality problems, free redo.

7. Commissioner is responsible for following up the orders and keeping abreast of the production progress.

Card Cube is a professional smart card manufacturer in China, the company's main products are contact IC cards, inductive IC cards, visual cards, CPU cards, ID cards, NFC various smart cards with a daily output of more than 400,000 pieces, such as business cards and smart card readers. Now we customize and develop JHIC-U inductive IC card reader according to customers' requirements. Its plug-and-play, development-free and driver-free features have been welcomed by many customers.

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