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What is smart card?

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Smart cards are one of the newest additions to the field of information technology. Similar in size to todays plastic payment cards, smart cards have an embedded microprocessor or memory chip that, when connected to a reader, has the processing power to serve many different applications. As an access control device, the smart card provides only personal and business data to the appropriate user. Another application provides the user with the ability to purchase or exchange value. Smart cards provide data portability, security and convenience.

What is a smart card?

Memory and Microprocessor

There are two types of smart cards: memory and microprocessor. Memory cards simply store data and can be thought of as small floppy disks with optional security. A microprocessor card, on the other hand, can add, delete and manipulate information in the cards memory. Similar to a microcomputer, a microprocessor card has an input/output port operating system and a hard disk with built-in security features.

Contact and Contactless

Smart cards have two different types of interfaces: contact and contactless. Contact smart cards are inserted into a smart card reader and make physical contact with the reader. Contactless smart cards, however, have an antenna embedded inside the card that allows communication with the reader without physical contact. Combination cards combine these two functions with a high level of security.

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