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What is a smart card? _1

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A smart card is a device that contains an embedded integrated circuit, which can be a secure microcontroller or an equivalent intelligence with internal memory or a separate memory chip. The card is connected to a reader with direct physical contact or to a remote contactless RF interface. Using an embedded microcontroller, smart cards have the unique ability to store large amounts of data, perform their own on-card functions (e.g., encryption and mutual authentication) and interact intelligently with smart card readers. Smart card technology complies with international standards (ISO/IEC 7816 and ISO/IEC 14443) and is available in a variety of form factors, including plastic cards, key fobs, watches, user identification modules used in GSM phones and USB-based tokens.

What is a smart card?

What are ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 7816 standards?

ISO/IEC 14443 is the international standard for contactless smart chips and cards that work (i.e. can be read or written) at a distance of less than 10 cm (4 inches). The standard operates at 13.56 MHz and includes specifications for physical characteristics, RF power and signal interfaces, initialization and anti-collision protocols and transmission protocols.

ISO/IEC 7816 is the international standard for contactless smart cards. ISO/IEC 7816 Part 4 and above are used by contact and contactless smart card applications for secure operation and exchange of commands.

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What is a smart card? _2
What is smart card?


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