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From the conceptual point of view, RFID is similar to bar code scanning, for bar code technology

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From the conceptual point of view, RFID is similar to bar code scanning, for bar code technology, it is already encoded bar code attached to the target and use special scanning reader to use light signal to transmit information from the strip magnetic to scanning reader; and RFID is using special RFID reader and special can be attached to the target RFID tag, use frequency signal to transmit information from RFID tag Transmits to the RFID read-write.

From the conceptual point of view, RFID is similar to bar code scanning, for bar code technology

What is RFID electronic tag? What are its performance characteristics?

RFID electron label system most important advantage is non-contact recognition, it can penetrate snow, fog, ice, paint, dust and dirt and bar code can't use the harsh environment read the label, and reading speed is extremely fast, most cases less than 100 milliseconds. The speed-reading capability of active RFID systems is also an important benefit. It can be used for interactive operations such as process tracking and maintenance tracking.

RFID electronic tag performance characteristics

1.Fast scanning. RFID reader can read several RFID tags simultaneously!

2. miniaturization of size, shape diversification. RFID in the reading is not limited by the size and shape, do not need to read the accuracy of the fixed size of the paper and printing quality. In addition, RFID tags can be more miniaturized and diverse forms of development, in order to apply to different products.

3. Anti-contamination ability and durability. The carrier of traditional barcode is paper, so it is easy to be contaminated, but RFID has strong resistance to water, oil and chemical substances. In addition, because the bar code is attached to the plastic bag or outer carton, so it is particularly vulnerable to damage; RFID roll label is the data exists in the chip, so it can be protected from contamination.

4. Reusable. Today's bar codes printed on it can not be changed, RFID tags can be repeatedly added, modified, and deleted RFID roll label stored data, to facilitate the update of information.

5. Penetrating and barrier-free reading. Under cover, RFID can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastic, and is capable of penetrating communication. Bar code scanners, on the other hand, must be in close proximity and unobstructed by objects in order to read bar codes.

6. Large data memory capacity. The capacity of 1D barcode is 50Bytes, 2D barcode can store 2 to 3000 characters, and RFID has a maximum capacity of several MegaBytes. With the development of memory carriers, there is a trend of expanding the data capacity. The amount of data required to be carried by future items will become larger and larger, and the demand for volume labels to expand the capacity will increase accordingly.

7. Security. Because RFID carries electronic information, its data content can be protected by password, so that its content is not easy to be forged and altered.

RFID is highly regarded for its long-distance reading, high storage capacity and other characteristics. It can not only help an enterprise significantly improve the efficiency of goods and information management, but also allow sales and manufacturing enterprises to interconnect, so that they can more accurately receive feedback, control demand information, and optimize the entire supply chain.

The applicability of RFID electronic tags.

The essence of logistics management is to achieve the two purposes of cost reduction and service improvement through the management of the whole process of logistics. How to the right cost and the right conditions, to ensure that the right customer in the right time and the right place, get the right product, become the highest goal of logistics enterprises to pursue. Generally speaking, the value of enterprise inventory should account for about 25% of the total assets of the enterprise and more than 50% of the current assets of the enterprise. So the core of logistics management work is the management of inventory in the supply chain.

In the transportation management aspect uses the radio frequency recognition technology, only needs to install the electronic label on the outer package of the goods, sets up the reader in the transportation checkpoint or the transit station, then can realize the visualization management of the assets. At the same time, the cargo owner can visit the in-transit visualization webpage according to the authority to know the specific location of the cargo, which is of great significance to improve the service level of the logistics enterprise.

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