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The dual interface card is a single-chip, contact and contactless interface based smart card made of PVC laminated chip coils

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The dual interface card is a single-chip, contact and contactless interface based smart card made of PVC laminated chip coils, which has two operating interfaces and accesses the chip either through contact contacts or through radio frequency at a certain distance apart.

The dual interface card is a single-chip, contact and contactless interface based smart card made of PVC laminated chip coils

Introduction to the classification and advantages of dual-interface cards

There are three types of dual-interface cards as follows.

1. Contact smart card system and contactless smart card system are just physically combined into one card with two EEPROMs, and the two systems are independent of each other.

2. The contact smart card system and the contactless smart card system operate independently of each other, but share some of the storage space inside the card.

3. The contact smart card system is fully integrated with the contactless smart card system, with the contact and contactless operating in the same state and sharing a common CPU management. Among the three types of dual-interface IC cards, only the last type of dual-interface IC card is truly a contactless dual-interface CPU card.

Advantages of dual interface card.

1、 One card for multiple applications, one card for all

Card support multi-applications: a card can be integrated with a number of different applications multi-industry, multi-application simultaneous card issuance. Flexible and convenient application, according to different application conditions and requirements, can choose to use contact or non-contact transaction method, reduce operating costs; suitable for large transaction volume, short transaction time, transaction process without waiting in the trial environment; machine fully enclosed, suitable for harsh working environment and self-service consumption places, anti-damage and anti-interference ability; suitable for high security requirements of the system, can be used as a financial electronic wallet Application; card anti-collision mechanism, allowing multiple cards to enter the transaction area at the same time; fully compatible with traditional contact devices, can be used directly on them

2、High security

Chip security: the chip with random data generator inside can prevent physical and logical attacks; the program code COS in the chip can not be reproduced once it is written; each chip has a unique factory code. Operating system security: support singleDES and TripleDES algorithms: singleDES or TripleDES algorithms can be automatically selected according to the key length; support line encryption and protection functions to prevent communication data from being illegally stolen or tampered with; multiple key types support different ways of using keys. Transmission security: Data transmission in non-contact mode follows relevant transmission protocols, and the data will not be leaked even if intercepted after encryption processing of the card and the machine.

3、Fast transaction

The chip contains DES operation gas pedal, which can quickly complete SingleDES, TripleDES and other algorithms, and the time of one TripleDES operation is 130 microseconds; the communication transmission rate is 106KBPS when non-contact communication; the communication rate of the contact part can be adjusted, and the communication rate can reach 38400bps.

4、Good compatibility

Comply with the requirements of "China's financial integrated circuit (IC) card specification"; comply with ISO14443 standard TypeA, the future dual interface cards based on Siemens chips support TypeA or TypeB. current applications support Mifare-I card reading and writing machine, only need to carry out software upgrades can be easily realized to support TypeA of Mifare- Pro type TimeCOS/DI read and write.

The above is the classification and advantages of dual-interface cards, I hope it will help the majority of customers! If you need to customize the dual interface card, you can choose Card Cube! Article Editor: Shenzhen Card Cube Dual Interface Card Manufacturer

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