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RFID is the abbreviation of RadioFrequencyIdentification, that is, radio frequency identification technology

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RFID is the abbreviation of RadioFrequencyIdentification, that is, radio frequency identification technology, commonly known as electronic tags. RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic diagnosis technology. It automatically identifies the target object through the radio frequency signal and acquires relevant data. The recognition work can work in all kinds of harsh environment, does not need human intervention. RFID technology can simultaneously recognize the high speed movement object and multiple tags, the operation is fast and convenient.

RFID is the abbreviation of RadioFrequencyIdentification, that is, radio frequency identification technology

Introduction to RFID electronic tag packaging methods

RFID electronic tag packaging methods.

1. Due to the connection between the printed antenna and the chip, RFID tags work at a high frequency and the chip is tiny and ultra-thin. The most suitable method is flip chip (FlipChip) The technology has high performance, low cost, miniaturization, high reliability. In order to adapt to the flexible substrate material, the inverted bonding material should be used to connect the chip and antenna pads with conductive adhesive. In order to achieve large-scale, low-cost production, more effective in reducing production costs, using new and domestic research hot issues.

2. In order to accommodate smaller size RFID chips and effectively reduce production costs, the bonding package of the chip and antenna substrate is divided into two modules and completed separately is the current development trend. One of the specific methods is to manufacture the large antenna substrate and the small substrate to which the chip is attached separately. After the chip is mounted and connected, the circuit conduction is completed by bonding the large pads to the large antenna substrate. Similar to the above method of dividing the packaging process into two modules is to transfer the chip to a carrier tape that can carry the chip equidistantly, and then flip the chip on the carrier tape and paste it on the antenna substrate. In this method, the chip flip-flop is realized by rewinding the carrier tape, which simplifies the chip pickup operation and thus achieves higher production efficiency.

RFID electronic tag technology is increasingly recognized by the market for its groundbreaking technical features and wide applicability. With the further improvement of chip manufacturing process and packaging process, as well as the increasing maturity of packaging equipment and materials, the electronic tag will be more suitable for our needs. At the same time, it also leaves us a series of new issues that need to be improved and improved. Article Editor: Shenzhen Card Cube Electronic Label Manufacturer

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