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Nowadays, laser card is not only a small card, but also a symbol of corporate culture

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Nowadays, laser card is not only a small card, but also a symbol of corporate culture. It enhances the corporate image, gives a noble and elegant feeling, and wins the favor of more and more businessmen.

Nowadays, laser card is not only a small card, but also a symbol of corporate culture

The production of laser card, the advantages of laser card

Laser card is a laser card PVC material after printing, from different angles to see the feeling of gold flashing, but also in the ordinary PVC laser silver or laser gold was burned on the surface of the card. It is a change pattern, presenting various colors, can present special reflection changes in any part of the card, with good visual effect, can enhance the anti-counterfeiting function and anti-scanning copy function of the trading card, so that the circulation of the trading card is more secure.

The middle layer of the laser card includes a core layer, the upper and lower surface layers are transparent coating layers, and it also includes a pattern printing layer. The pattern printing layer is provided in the inner surface area of one or two transparent coating layers, and is located between the core layer and the transparent coating layer. The laser pattern layer is a pattern layer that shows special reflective changes in any part of the card with changes in visual angle and light, so the laser pattern layer is an electrochemical aluminum pattern layer with a laser pattern.

Advantages of laser cards.

1、Good directionality

2、High brightness

3、Good monochromaticity

Laser effect: full laser and local laser, different laser materials and patterns, different visual effects, customers can choose according to the effect.

Laser card application areas: applicable to high-end membership cards, VIP cards, platinum cards, diamond cards, IC cards, ID cards, etc. can be made according to requirements. In addition, laser card can also add offset printing, screen printing gold/silver bottom, sprinkle silver powder, signature strip, embossed code, hot stamping gold/silver, magnetic strip, barcode, flat code, spray code, labeling, surface gloss, matte surface, frosting, adding film, writing magnetic and other processes.

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