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Visible membership card, visible "consumption"

With the rapid development of the smart card industry, a variety of intelligent cards gradually surfaced, visual card is a class of smart cards, it is mainly divided into three categories, thin cards, chip cards and magnetic stripe cards, through different media to spread information.

As a new type of membership card, the visual card has been widely used in the catering industry (business clubs, hotels, restaurants, eateries, etc.), the retail industry (department stores, boutique department stores, membership malls, home appliance chains, home furnishing shops, etc.), the entertainment industry (KTV outlets, music cafes, bars, tea houses), the beauty industry (spas, large beauty salons, large saunas, water clubs, etc.), car clubs (car 4S shops, car clubs), golf clubs (car clubs, car clubs, etc.). car clubs), golf clubs (golf supplies, golf courses) and other industries

Innovations and features 

   1、Visible membership card "visible" effect, so that customers feel a different feeling and new visual impact

   2、Stimulate customers interest in holding the card, thus increasing the usage rate of the card

   3、Provide a complete and effective solution for enterprises to collect customer information

   4、Support a variety of business methods: points card, stored value card, points stored value dual function card

After each consumption, the member can update the consumption, points and other information on the card surface through the visual card reader. The content on the card can be rewritten including: consumption amount, points, discounts, membership level, which can arouse the interest of customers to hold the card, and also increase the revenue of the enterprise.

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