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Portrait card production technical standards and quality requirements in card production

Portrait card is also known as identification card, the card can be implanted in the ID chip or IC chip, the card is generally used as access control, attendance, identification, enterprise staff management, etc. At present, the portrait card is developing in the direction of a card, to achieve a card, a card management.

Production technology standards.

Length: 85.47mm-85.72mm;

Width: 53.92mm-54.03mm;

Radius of tangent round corner: 3.18mm

Thickness: 0.45mm; 0.60mm; 0.70mm; 0.76mm

1、The printed pattern or text content on the front and back of the card body is consistent with the pattern or text content provided by your company.

2、Anti-counterfeit design of portrait card.

(1) A specific logo or text on the front of the card body is printed with anti-counterfeiting ink, which can only be clearly seen under ultraviolet light.

(2) Scratching ink is used to prevent counterfeiting in the form of "riding stitch", so that the code will not be overlaid twice.

3、Guarantee data security. The printed card number and password are free of defects and omissions, and there is no unclear situation. The card surface account number and password lamination (scratch ink) is intact and undamaged.

1, the card surface is smooth, flat, no layer, not bending, not easy to break, with a certain toughness. Printing font is clear, printing color separation texture is strong, the picture level is clear, the overprint is accurate, the resolution is above 300 lines / inch.

2、Adopt imported laminating equipment, thermal bonding cooling humidity and laminating time and other technical parameters in line with ISO7810 standards, solid bonding, water immersion for 10 hours without delamination, no cracking, natural bending 45 card body without cracking.

3, the use of imported cutting equipment to ensure accurate alignment of the front and back, the error does not exceed 0.5mm.

4、The side burr of PVC finished card conforms to ISO7810 standard, and the formed paper card adopts functional filling material, no different color and burr appear on the side.

5、Formed cards are transported from dry environment to wet environment or vice versa, and after unpacking, the cards can naturally recover flat and can be used reliably.

6, into the card under the test conditions of radiation intensity 500W/m2, blackboard temperature 50 C, time 5 hours, space temperature 40 +1, the surface of the card body does not yellow, no cracks, no change in the effect of the front holographic anti-counterfeit film.

7. The card body requires anti-light leakage, anti-light glare and spotlight penetration.

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