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How to distinguish the material of smart card

In recent years, the card making materials in the PVC material is gradually eliminated from the market, because the PVC material has a certain degree of toxicity, so many businesses are not willing to take PVC as the raw material for the card. After continuous research and development, PET material surfaced.

  PVC material introduction.

  PVC has transparent materials and opaque materials: some are soft and flexible and resistant to folding; there are also hard and rigid materials with excellent mechanical properties. Most of PVC is slightly toxic, but there are also food-grade PVC adhesive particles. 

  However, in the PVC material, there is also a material distinction, brand new PVC material card cutting edge as white, ordinary PVC material is gray (more toxic, it is recommended to choose the brand new pvc to make cards).

  PET material.

  PET is a colorless and transparent material with high hardness and toughness. PET film material is low specific gravity, non-hygroscopic, high insulation and transparency, superior mechanical properties, processing deformation is small, phase roost wear resistance is good, good chemical resistance, the card surface finish, long service life, while PET is an environmentally friendly material.

  If the naked eye can not distinguish the material of the card, you can put the card into 70°C boiling water, if the card remains the same prototype is environmentally friendly materials, if the card is bent, blistering that is on the ordinary PVC material.

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